Total Golf Trainer Review

Total Golf Trainer has created a range of training aid products to help players more quickly improve their swings. Each Total Golf Trainer device is strategically created to be adapted to many different swing types and delivery conditions. For our test, we were excited to explore the Total Golf Trainer Hip Trainer and see how it could improve our game and in turn, yours.

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Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit - Golf Training Aids - Golf Swing Trainer - Teaches and Corrects Golf Swing, Posture and Hip Rotation, Wrist, Elbow and Arm Position


Key Features

  • Instant feedback from the TGT Hip Trainer helps players control their hip sequence for more power and control through impact.

  • The Hip Trainer can be customized to each player’s unique swing to help them get the most from their practice or training sessions.

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors to allow golfers to build muscle memory during the season and in the off-season.


  • The TGT 3.0 is adjustable to fit all golfers and used by right or left handed players. Designed to reinforce proper fundamental and help all golfers learn to control the body and club for a dynamic, powerful and repeatable golf swing
  • Bio Movement Arm Trainer – Helps golfers achieve the ideal wrist , elbow and arm position throughout the golf swing
  • Bio Movement Hip Trainer – Will allow you to feel the proper chain of events in the downswing to ensure the club approaches the ball from the inside, strikes it solid, and your arms extend through the shot for increased power and accuracy.


TGT Hip Trainer Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Hip Trainer easily attaches to your waistband or belt for easy use and immediate feedback. The TGT Hip Trainer enables golfers to evaluate their posture, their hip rotational sequencing and hand path into and through impact. The Hip Trainer can be used with the full assembly of Total Golf Trainer products to create a complete station for any part of the golf swing.

Avoidance training is often used by some of the best teachers in golf to help players better understand the characteristics of their delivery. The better an athlete golfers become, the more adaptable they are various feedback devices during their swing. For beginners and elite players, some of the fastest and most intuitive swing goals can be accomplished by using avoidance style training aids such as the Total Golf Hip Trainer and accessory products.

Our Experience

Avoidance training has been well documented to help golfers of all skill types. The largest problem with avoidance training is what happens if a golfer interacts with rigid training aids in their station. The Total Golf Hip Trainer is ideal in its setup and creation of an avoidance system that golfers can easily use in any environment and without risk of injury or destroying their equipment.

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Using the TGT Hip Trainer in a mirror is the best way to visualize where your hips are during your entire swing. As a player that can often come too far from the inside, the Hip Trainer provided an excellent checkpoint to help me clean up my impact and neutralize my overdraws and hooks. More hip rotation led me to more distance and a more controlled club face through the hitting area for more consistent impacts.

My favorite thing about the TGT Hip Trainer and the suite of Total Golf Trainer products is its non-reliance on creating a “textbook” position for each golfer. More evidence is leading to the ideal that many shapes and styles of golf swings can be productive and lead to great scores even at the highest levels. The TGT range of products can be altered to help each player find his or her ideal position and create a sustainable, powerful golf swing that helps golfers hit longer, straighter golf shots.

Total Golf Trainer

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  • The Total Golf Hip Trainer helps players improve pieces of their posture, takeaway, downswing, and sequencing.
  • The Hip Trainer creates an avoidance station that is simple to instal and will not cause injury if made collided with.
  • The TGT system helps players set up their ideal swing patterns to get the most out of their equipment and physical abilities.


  • Each Hip Trainer is best used with a mirror or video device and may require additional equipment for best use.
  • Durability may be an issue as the HIp Trainer’s red ball dislodged after contact during the downswing in our test.
  • The freedom of the TGT Hip Trainer is great for most players, but may be difficult for beginners to set up without more instruction.
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

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The TGT Hip Trainer is sold individually or as part of the Total Golf Trainer Swing Kits. Each unit sells for around $39.99. The Hip Trainer is lightweight and attaches securely to any waistband or golf belt. The Hip Trainer is most often used attached to the lead hip at 90-degrees to the target line or on the trail hip at 45-degrees to target line or parallel to the target line.


Far too often, training aids place golfers in a box that suggest they swing in difficult patterns or in positions that can only be emulated by highly flexible athletes. The Total Golf Trainer system can be easily adapted to each golfer’s unique swing patterns to help them create a more sustainable delivery. The Hip Trainer helps reinforce more rotation in the golf swing and can be valuable in providing real-time feedback for better sequencing from backswing to downswing. The Hip Trainer is easy to wear and can be used year round for muscle memory building and continuous performance.


Total Golf Trainer Hip Review


How Does the Hip Trainer Compare?

Tour Striker Smart Ball

The Smart Ball helps players to connect their forearms for a streamlined golf swing and improved impact. The Smart Ball helps players control their rotation in the golf swing and eliminated the “chicken-wing” release that can lead amatuer players toward difficulties controlling their golf shots. More synchronization can lead to more repeatable deliveries and more power thanks to the Tour Striker Smart Ball.

  • PATENTED Training Aid
  • Rids You Of The Dreaded "Chicken Wing" or Flying Trail Elbow!
  • Provides The Feeling Of Striking From the Inside Out


Watson Golf theHANGER

The theHANGER is dedicated to fixing one of the most common mistakes in the amateur golf swing. Improper wrist angle matchups can often lead to golf shots that fly high and to the right. theHANGER provides real-time feedback to ensure that golfers control their clubface through impact. theHANGER can help you rotate more effectively through the golf ball and match your club face to swing path to create straighter, more reliable golf shots.

  • Right Hand Model
  • Easily attaches to the grip of any iron to help build muscle memory for optimal face and path control
  • Keep the hanger from touching your arms at address to ensure the proper set up


Gravity Fit TPro

The TPro uses resistance bands to stimulate the deep muscle system of golfers backs and lower bodies. A well-rounded training aid that can be used in the gym or at the course for sustained muscle memory, the TPro is great for improving your posture, hip and torso rotation, and reduce pain during your golf swing. Fewer injuries can lead to better performance but more importantly, more fun playing golf for many more years.


Should You Buy the TGT Hip Trainer Training Aid

The TGT Hip Trainer is best used for players that have difficulty with pushing or sliding their hips too much rather than rotating through impact. The Hip trainer provides excellent visual cues for golfers and can set up a simple avoidance station that is reliable yet non-injury inducing. Golfers that tend to get their arms too far behind them in the downswing or approach the golf ball too far from the inside may also have great success with the TGT Hip Trainer. Neutralizing the swing direction and path can lead to more consistent impacts and more predictable golf shots.

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