Titleist TS2 Driver Review

The Titleist brand has been a major player in the golf club market for years and proved time and again that it produces top quality clubs. New in 2018, the Titleist TS2 driver is certainly no exception. Replacing the previous 917 D2 model, the TS2 has proven to be one of the hottest drivers on the market even though it was just introduced in early September. With enhanced design features and a more aerodynamic design, the Titleist TS2 driver is perfect for any golfer looking for higher launch, reduced spin, and more distance off the tee. The Titleist TS2 is the perfect driver for mid- to low-handicap golfers looking to take their golf game to the next level.

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Key Features

  • The TS2 features a 20% thinner crown which results in faster ball speed and swing speed.

  • The incorporation of an interchangeable SureFit CG single sole weight at the back of the head has moved the center of gravity lower and farther back resulting in lower spin and higher launch off the face.

  • The overall clubhead design has been streamlined by 20%, resulting in more efficient aerodynamics and increased clubhead speed.


Titleist TS2 Driver Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Titleist TS2 driver is designed for players looking for higher launch and lower spin on their tee shots, resulting in increased distance. The TS2’s design maintains the classic Titleist head shape while incorporating new technology to maximize distance and consistency.

By making the crown 20% thinner than the previous 917 D2 model, Titleist was able to take 10 grams of weight out of the top of the head and redistribute it into other areas. The result is greater weight distribution and more efficient aerodynamics for increased clubhead speed.

The SureFit CG sole weight at the back of the clubhead serves two distinct purposes. First, the weight moves the center of gravity lower and farther back in the clubhead. This reduces spin and creates a higher launch angle off the face which maximizes distance. Secondly, the weight is interchangeable allowing players to find the optimal launch and spin combination for their swing.

The face on the TS2 is 0.35 mm thinner than the previous 917 D2 model, resulting in a face that is not only hotter, but six grams lighter, allowing weight to again be distributed elsewhere in the club for better aerodynamics and increased clubhead speed. The face on the TS2 is so thin, in fact, that the scoring lines have to be laser-etched. In testing, the TS2 has proven to be one of the hottest faces of any driver released in 2018.

Titleist TS2 Driver

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  • SureFit weighting technology allows players to optimize launch conditions
  • An ultra-thin face increases MOI for increased distance
  • More efficient clubhead design and weight distribution increases clubhead speed


  • The Titleist TS2 is more expensive than comparable drivers on the market
  • Extra length in the shaft may lead to less control and accuracy
  • The high launch characteristics may not be ideal for players with high ball flights
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Titleist TS2 Driver


The Titleist TS2 driver comes in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees, with a lie angle of 58.5 degrees and a shaft length of 45.5 inches. The SureFit weight options are standard, +6 grams, +4 grams, +2 grams, -2 grams and -4 grams. The four standard stock shaft options include the Kurokage Black Dual Core 50, Tensei Av Series Blue 55, HZRDUS Smoke Black 60, and Even Flow T1100 White 65. Other shaft customizations are available for an upcharge based on availability.


The TS2 driver is one of the most technologically sound drivers Titleist has produced in years. With innovative design features including an ultra-thin face, a thin crown, a lower center of gravity, and SureFit weighting technology, the TS2 sets itself apart from other drivers on the market. The Titleist TS2 is the perfect driver for mid- to low-handicap golfers looking for taking their golf game to the next level.

Titleist TS2 Driver Video Review


How Does the Titleist TS2 Compare?

Ping G400 Driver

The Ping G400 Driver is one of the hottest drivers of 2018, and there are many reasons why. The Ping G400 Driver Wood provides players great distance with exceptional forgiveness. Having received the Gold rating on Golf Digest’s 2018 Hot List, the Ping G400 boasts several technological and design improvements from last year’s Ping G model. The G400 has been proven to provide increased forgiveness and accuracy for golfers from the PGA Tour down to rank beginners. If more fairways and forgiveness are what you’re looking for, then the Ping G400 is the driver for you.

  • Multi-material design reduces drag and elevates speed to enable longer drives and fairway-finding forgiveness
  • Faster, streamlined design reduces drag by 15% over previous models to increase distance and club head speed
  • Bolder Turbulators on the crown reduce aerodynamic drag and create more efficient airflow for added distance


TaylorMade M4 Driver

The TaylorMade M4 Driver is one of most technologically advanced drivers ever produced, improving power and forgiveness. As with the TaylorMade M3 Driver, it improves on the driver’s forgiveness and helps drives to go further by implementing two of the same technologies found in the M3 Driver: a new Twist Face design and a Hammerhead slot. Twist Face takes the face of the club and slightly twists it to create a bulge and roll in just the right areas to correct for human tendencies when striking the ball off-center and results in straighter drives. It is meant to replace TaylorMade’s M2 Driver and builds on the innovations and technology that made that driver a success. See our TaylorMade M2 Driver review here to learn more. The Hammerhead slot is similar to the Speed Pocket found in the M2 Driver but is further refined to increase forgiveness and ball speed, pushing drives even further down the fairway. Lastly, the M4 also features a Geocoustic design that contributes to a larger sweet spot and magnifies the sound and feel of drives. The M4 Driver is genuinely a carefully engineered club that is perfect for low to mid handicap golfer looking to improve their performance on the course while also providing the freedom that comes with not needing to adjust any weight positions.

  • New face curvature w/corrective face angle on off center hits, to reduce side spin & deliver straighter shots; Provides more loft in high toe & less loft in low heel for more consistent spin
  • Hammerhead slot: the reinforced outer portions of the slot allow for a lighter, more flexible face, resulting in a larger sweet spot
  • The center portion of the slot increases ball speed low on the face and drops unwanted spin for more distance


Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver

The Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver blends the incredible technology available today with the classic look and functionality of ten years ago. Golf Digest recognized the incredible features of this driver by giving it the Silver rating on its 2018 Hot List. Cleveland Golf has been a leading name in golf club manufacturing for generations, and major champions Keegan Bradley and Graeme McDowell have trusted them for years. This driver features incredible technology for as much as half the cost of some of its competitors, giving you an optimal bang for your buck. If you are a mid to high handicap player looking for a driver that doesn’t require any tinkering whatsoever, and just want to hit it long and straight off the tee, then the Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Driver is right for you.is an amazing club that is not only light weight and forgiving but has been designed to provide players with exceptional ball speeds off the tee. The XR Driver is the first club in the new XR line, which has been chosen by Callaway to replace the extremely popular X2 Hot. Combining cutting edge technology, an aerodynamic head, thinner face, and maximizing the shaft load, Callaway has delivered a club that will give forgiveness and distance to golfers for years to come. There is no doubt that the XR driver has exceeded all expectations, as evidence by receiving the highest rating of Gold in the 2015 Golf Digest Hot list. The Callaway XR Driver is a great mid-level priced club that is perfect for the high to mid handicap player looking to swing faster, generate more ball speed, and hit longer drives.

  • HiBore Crown
  • New launcher cup-face
  • Unique flex-fins


Should You Buy the Titleist TS2 Driver?

As golfers, we are always looking for increased distance. The Titleist TS2 driver combines cutting-edge technology with classic design to deliver the distance and consistency that all golfers are looking for. If you’re looking for a higher launch, lower spin, and more distance off the tee, then the Titleist TS2 is the club for you.


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