TaylorMade RBZ Driver Review

The Taylormade RBZ Driver is the perfect club for players who want high forgiveness, faster swing speeds, more distance, and lots of adjustability. With a lower and further forward center of gravity, greater aerodynamics, larger club face, and high-tech crown and graphics, the Taylormade RBZ Driver is truly an amazing club that is perfect for the mid to high handicap golfer looking to improve their performance on the tee box.

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TaylorMade Men's Bonded RBZ Stage 2 Golf Driver, Right Hand, 10.5, Regular


Key Features

  • The Taylormade RBZ Driver has 12 different lofts, lie angles, and face angles within the window of 1.5 degrees of adjustment. The not only helps to create higher ball speeds but also provides for more forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • The Taylormade RBZ Driver has what TaylorMade calls its “large address footprint” club face. The RBZ Driver’s 4,100-millimeter clubface not only promotes incredible forgiveness but also makes it easier for golfers to hit the ball regardless of their handicap.
  • The Taylormade RBZ Driver thick-thin crown provides for a lower and more forward center of gravity location that promotes faster ball speed, high launch and low spin.
  • Faster and longer than the original RocketBallz driver; Expansive 4,100 square-millimeter clubface gives the golfer substantially more face area
  • Inverted Cone Technology milled into the inner side of the larger clubface expands the portion of the face that delivers high ball speed
  • Black clubface, non-glare white crown with new decal promote easy alignment; Fujikura Rocket Fuel 50 Gram graphite shaft promotes fast swing speed

Taylormade RBZ Driver Detailed Review

Design and Technology

The Taylormade RBZ Driver combines the very best in technology and design. TaylorMade discovered that a low and forward center of gravity helps to promote faster ball speed and higher launch angles, and working together create more distance. The Taylormade RBZ Driver incorporates this design by having the center of gravity located lower and more and forward on the club.
The RBZ Driver also utilizes TaylorMade’s Loft-Sleeve Technology. This technology offers players 12 settings, 7 standard and 5 upright lofts options, which can add plus or minus 1.5 degrees to each of the standard lofts (9.5 degree loft can be adjusted up to 11 degrees or down to 8 degrees, 10.5 degrees loft can be adjusted up to 12 degrees or down to 9 degrees, and the HL 13 degree loft can be adjusted up to 14.5 degrees or down to 11.5 degrees).

Furthermore, the RBZ Driver also includes TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology, whereby an inverted cone is milled into the inner side of the clubface. This design helps to expand the sweet spot of the club, and promote more ball speed and off-center hits.
One interesting fact to point out is the crown graphics on the TaylorMade RBZ Driver. The crown has black, gold and gray graphics. To create these custom decals, TaylorMade used its Motion Analysis Technology to study how golfer look down at their driver at address. TaylorMade then positioned the layout of the decals to create an effective visual cue that can assist the player with alignment.

Taylormade RBZ Driver

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  • Black clubface, non-glare white crown, and new crown decal that all promote alignment
  • A confidence building club that promotes distance and accuracy
  • Inverted Cone Technology expands the sweet spot of the club and delivers high ball speeds


  • The white paint job and crown design can be a distraction to some players
  • The sound at impact isn’t as muted as other comparable drivers
  • Some golfers may think that the club is a little light compared to similar drivers
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

TaylorMade RBZ Driver Review


There is quite a variety of lofts you can get with the TaylorMade RBZ Driver, which are all adjustable, the standard lofts are 9.5, 10.5, and 13 degrees. The Taylormade RBZ Driver also has a 460cc titanium club head. The standard shafts that come with the TaylorMade RBZ Driver is the RocketFuel 50 ultra-light shaft, which brings the weight of the club to under 300 grams. As with most TaylorMade clubs there are a variety of flexes, including Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff.


The TaylorMade RBZ Driver was one of the most successful drivers of 2013, and it is easy to see why. With over loads of adjustability, full customization, and a modern design the TaylorMade RBZ Driver is a simply a great driver. If you are looking for a moderately priced driver that will give you the best in technology and design, with plenty of adjustability and ball flight optimization, then the TaylorMade RBZ Driver may be the club for you.

Taylormade RBZ Driver Video Review


How Does the Taylormade RBZ Driver Compare?

Rogue Draw Driver

The Rogue Draw Driver builds on the proven successes of the GBB Epic to provide faster ball speeds, faster swings, and inherent slice correction. The Rogue Draw uses updated Jailbreak technology with X-Face VFT to increase ball speed and forgiveness. Callaway also aerodynamically designed the Rogue Draw driver to improve head speeds by working with Boeing to optimize air flow and reduce drag. The Rogue Draw improves upon what made the GBB Epic driver so good rather than attempt a complete redesign of the highly acclaimed driver. The Rogue Draw is an excellent choice for any golfer, but it best for mid to high handicap golfers who have a tendency for slices.has not only received the highest rating of Gold in the 2017 Golf Digest Hot list, but it has also become one of the most recognized clubs used on the tour. This mainly has to do with Callaway’s new Jailbreak Technology which solves the problem of the crown and sole separating as the club face is stretched vertically at impact. This separation results in a loss of energy transferring to the ball. So, does the Jailbreak Technology work, yes absolutely, and is why the Callaway Epic Sub Zero Driver is perfect for the mid to high handicap golfer looking to have better control of the ball, less spin, and overall improve their accuracy when on the tee box.

  • Jailbreak Effect for Enhanced Ball Speed
  • Draw-enhancing External and Internal Weighting
  • Boeing Aero Package


Callaway XR Driver

The Callaway XR Driver is an amazing club that is not only light weight and forgiving but has been designed to provide players with exceptional ball speeds off the tee. The XR Driver is the first club in the new XR line, which has been chosen by Callaway to replace the extremely popular X2 Hot. Combining cutting edge technology, an aerodynamic head, thinner face, and maximizing the shaft load, Callaway has delivered a club that will give forgiveness and distance to golfers for years to come. There is no doubt that the XR driver has exceeded all expectations, as evidence by receiving the highest rating of Gold in the 2015 Golf Digest Hot list. The Callaway XR Driver is a great mid-level priced club that is perfect for the high to mid handicap player looking to swing faster, generate more ball speed, and hit longer drives.

  • Speed From Speed Step Crown To reduce drag and maximize speed through the swing, we've put in a Speed Step Crown and combined it with an optimized aerodynamic head shape
  • Speed From RMOTO Face Technology This is how we increase ball speeds across the face by reducing 10% of face weight to make it thinner; RMOTO leads to more energy efficient energy transfer all over the face, allows us to put the CG 17% lower
  • Speed From Maximum Shaft Load The shaft is a key component to speed, that's why XR comes stock with the new Project X LZ; It produces maximum shaft load during the downswing loading zone for greater energy transfer to the ball


GX7 Golf Club

The GX7 Golf Club is amazing little club, even though it is “As Seen on TV”. We all know that the hardest part of golf is being consistent, especially when we are hitting off of the tee box. That is why the pros are the pros, and we are amateurs. But have you ever wondered if the reason why you are not consistent when hitting off the tee box is because you are using the same golf club that the pros use, and not a golf club made for amateurs. Well this is the exact theory behind the GX7 Golf Club. A golf club made for amateurs that provides the hitting consistency of a pro. So if you can get over the fact that the GX7 is a “As Seen on TV” Golf Club, you might be amazed by what this little club can do. The GX7 Golf Club is a great driver for a high handicap golfer looking to improve their game both on and off the tee box.

Taylormade RBZ Driver

Should You Buy the Taylormade RBZ Driver

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with the Ping name. So, if you are looking for a great club without any frills or a fancy design that can just get the job done, then this “game improvement driver” is the club for you. However, if you are looking for the newest and greatest in technology and price is no object, then you may want to take a look at the TaylorMade M2 Driver or the TaylorMade R11 Driver.

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