Best Drivers For Slice

One of the hardest things for amateur golfers to fix is a slice. A slice is a golf shot that curves offline from left to right for right-handed players and right to left for left-handed players. Slices are often problematic for golfers who lack complete control over the face of the golf club, ...

Most Forgiving Drivers

Driving has become a game of distance. More distance does nothing for golfers, however, if they cannot keep their golf ball in play and out of hazard areas. At GolfersAuthority, we have created a list of drivers that can offer you more forgiveness and less stress from the tee box.Along with ...

Best Drivers For Seniors

Getting the right driver can mean more yards off the tee, shorter irons and wedges into greens, and lower scores. As players age and swing speed diminish, it becomes more important to get every bit of distance possible out of your equipment. Senior golfers can make the most of their swings by ...

Best Golf Drivers For Distance

Every golfer can use more distance. Balanced distance off the tee can create shorter irons and wedges into green and much lower scores. The advent of strokes gained is showing players in new ways just how much of an advantage hitting longer, straighter drives can be. Players can make more strides ...

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