Best Sunglasses for Golf for 2020

Golf is one of the greatest outdoor games ever invented; a game that pits players against the elements as much as it does against the ultimate goal: the hole. One of those elements is the bright and ever-present sun. It can often be blinding during a round of golf, especially during a round played ...

Best Golf Umbrellas for 2020

One thing that attracts people to golf is the opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather. A sunny day, where there is just a few clouds and a cool breeze is the perfect atmosphere for a round of golf. But what happens when unexpectedly a storm comes along and you still have a few holes to go? Any ...

Best Golf Bucket Hats for Sun Protection for 2020

Most of us have experienced a sunburn at least some point in our life. But as we get older, the risk of skin cancers increases every time we spend an extended amount of time in the sun. A large number of golfers over the age of 40 have had lesions removed due to overexposure to the sun from ...

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