Best Odyssey Putter for 2020

Odyssey putters dominate putter sales and on global golf tours. Since the start of 2018, Odyssey putters have been responsible for over 65 wins. Then next nearest competitor has 45, a discrepancy of over 30%. If you are looking for you next best putter designs and you have found yourself ...

Best Putters of 2020

Putting is largely a mental exercise. Most golfers are still not even having their putter properly fit for them before they head to the course. Several factors will influence which style putter is right for your game. Some shapes you will aim perfectly, others you will point outside of the hole ...

Best Golf Putters of 2019

Top 10 Best Putters for 2019     Top 10 Best Putters for 2019 Ping Vault 2.0 Putter The Ping Vault 2.0 Putter is one of the best putters available today. Over all the past 60 years , Ping has consistently been at the forefront of putter design and technology. ...

Most Forgiving Putters [2020]

Forgiveness on the putting green is most often attributed to high moments of inertia and larger putter head. Putting the golf ball in the hole may be challenging even difficult if you have problems with your putting stroke. There is no shame to to admit and seek for help in forgiving putter. ...

Best Putters for Women [2020]

Female golfers have the same needs as male golfers when it comes to their putting. Finding the best putters for your game is a combination of identifying your personal preferences and blending that to the putter club head style and technical specifications. Finding the right grip, shaft length, ...

Best Putters for High Handicappers

High handicappers golfer that struggle on the greens can help save themselves strokes by getting a properly fit putter with better alignment for them. Market today have a lot to offer for high handicappers. Golf companies use their technology innovations and expertise create the best putters for ...

Best Mallet Putters for 2020

Mallet putters can offer golfers more forgiveness and help with their short games. There are different style putters like blade putter and mallet putter. Both blade putters and mallet putters have the same job getting the ball in the hole. Mallet putters are larger in size with large club head and ...

Best Blade Putters for 2020

Blade putters are a favorite for golfers. The Ping Anser shape has been remade hundreds of times. Not all things that look alike are however and even though all the putters on this list are compact they pack different tech than can help your game this season.A blade putter is much ...

Best Putter For The Money

Finding a great putter at a low price is easy when considering that putter technology advances much less rapidly than driver and iron technologies. As new putters are released each year, older models are placed at discount prices offering golfers almost the same performance benefits at a fraction ...

Best Putter For Beginners

Beginners may need help aligning themselves on the greens. Additionally, they will likely be inconsistent striking the golf ball with their putter so a larger mallet style putter with wide sweet spot may be best. Every best putter for beginners in this list combines an element of alignment aid ...

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