Best Golf Gloves for 2020

Golf gloves are an essential piece of golf equipment for any golfer. Regardless of your playing ability, the glove should feel like a second skin and is essential golf equipment for protecting your hand and ensuring you can get through an entire round or practice session. It is essential that you ...

Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Having a glove that feels soft but allows your hands to breath avoid sweaty hands and have the feel of second skin is a goal for all golfers. If you are like many players and you have sweaty hands profusely during those hot summer rounds, then you know the struggle of keeping your hands dry and ...

Best Nike Golf Shoes for 2020

Having the right golf shoe for you is a very important part of your equipment. Whether you decide to walk or take a cart, a round of golf involves a significant amount of walking, so finding a shoe that is both comfortable and looks good is important to any golfer. While many golfers might ...

Best Sunglasses for Golf for 2020

Golf is one of the greatest outdoor games ever invented; a game that pits players against the elements as much as it does against the ultimate goal: the hole. One of those elements is the bright and ever-present sun. It can often be blinding during a round of golf, especially during a round played ...

Best Golf Hats for 2020

When you are in the tee box or lining up a putt, wearing a hat is important because it provides you extra shade, an efficient way to keep cool, and protection for your head from the sun’s intense UV rays. If you watch any PGA golfers play, you’ll notice that almost all of them wear a hat. Apart ...

Best Golf Bucket Hats for Sun Protection for 2020

Most of us have experienced a sunburn at least some point in our life. But as we get older, the risk of skin cancers increases every time we spend an extended amount of time in the sun, especially without the proper sun protection. A large number of golfers over the age of 40 have had lesions ...

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