Most Forgiving Putters

The most used club in your golf bag should not be the one you buy off the rack and without being properly fit. No two putting strokes are the same and thus putters should not be either. Companies will spend millions of dollars to telling you about the new technology in their metal woods causing ...

Best Putters for Women

Female golfers have the same needs as male golfers when it comes to their putting. Finding the right putter for your game is a combination of identifying your personal preferences and blending that to the club head style and technical specifications. Finding the right grip, shaft length, and ...

Best Mallet Putters for 2020

Mallet putters provide golfers the ultimate in forgiveness and performance. With large club heads and centers of gravity that are far behind the putter face, these putters can help every golfer get better on the greens. Even if you are a golfer who has never tried a mallet putter, it may be time ...

Best Golf Putters

Choosing the right putter is essential to shooting lower scores. Half of your shots come from on the green or around it, making the putter the most used club in the bag. Ask any Tour pro what separates the best from the rest and they are sure to say putting. With so many options available, making ...

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