Best Putters for High Handicappers

High handicap players can often benefit from an improved short game. One of the best ways to improve your short game the most quickly is by making sure your putter is properly fit for you. Whether you need to alter your current putter or buy a new model entirely, we provide you with all the ...

Best Blade Putters for 2020

The art of golf club building revolves around the blade putter design. The blade putter is one of the most iconic images in golf and it has a place in many of the bags of the World’s top players. Maybe most famous is Tiger Wood’s Newport 2 by Scotty Cameron.In this roundup, we take you through ...

Best Putter For The Money

Finding a great putter at a low price is easy when considering that putter technology advances much less rapidly than driver and iron technologies. As new putters are released each year, older models are placed at discount prices offering golfers almost the same performance benefits at a fraction ...

Best Putter For Beginners

For golfers just beginning to play the sport, getting the right putter to help them create good patterns is crucial for their long term success on the greens. We have selected putters that make it easy for beginning golfers to hit great putts and build confidence in their developing games. Take a ...

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