Best Fairway Woods for 2021

Getting the right fairway woods into your golf bag is a very difficult thing to do. What make it more difficult is the new technology, innovations and new design. If you do not change your fairway 5 or 3 wood in three or four years you will no longer have the best fairways in your bag. This Guide ...

Best Game Improvement Drivers

Golfers looking to improve their game the fastest should look for a best driver that is easy to launch into the air and offer great ball speed and flight. Players will need to hit the ball with the club head as far as possible as well. Getting close to the greens will mean shorter clubs in and ...

Most Forgiving Fairway Woods

Forgiveness is often a measure of how well a club performs on off-center strikes. Hitting the golf ball away from the center of gravity can cause losses in ball speed, distance, ball flight and accuracy. These woods have lower and deeper center of gravity that can help players with slower swing ...

Game Improvement Fairway Woods

Golfers that have either just begun playing golf or who haven’t fully developed their swing yet may need help building out the fairway wood section of their golf bags. Fairway woods are metal woods that range between 3 wood and 7 wood, some manufacturers produce 9 wood and 11 wood. Fairway woods ...

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