Ep #22 – Behind the Golf Brand Podcast | Mission Belts, Devin Barker

Paul Liberatore Paul Liberatore
November 9, 2020

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[fusebox_track_player url=”https://www.buzzsprout.com/1071406/6255112-ep-22-mission-belts-devin-barker.mp3?blob_id=26016571&download=true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_linkedin=”true” social_pinterest=”true” social_email=”true” ]

We made it to Episode 22 of the Behind the Golf Brand Podcast. Thank you for all of the comments and emails. In this week’s episode I interview my friend Devin Barker from Mission Belts.

If you are truly happy with your current golf belt, then I would not attest Mission Belts will create a drastic change in your comfort or performance. However, if you are anything like me and in between traditional sizes, the rachet style golf belt is not only more comfortable but is also easier to swing in. Mission Belts versatile buckle and strap system allows user to create their ideal match with any outfit they choose to wear. Specialized Mission Belts can help children that struggle with their fits find a belt that can grow with them and outlast traditional offerings. Trying one for yourself will give you the best idea of exactly how much value a Mission Belt can add to your game.

Paul (00:00): Paul (01:09): What's up guys. It's Paul from Golfers Authority, and welcome to another episode of Behind the Golf Brand Podcast. This week, I have a very special brand and my friend Devin here, the first time I ever actually heard of this brand was on shark tank. Believe it or not. Yep. Shark tank. And so, and we'll talk about that today on the show, but they pretty much blew up after. I mean, after that happened. So, um, we were talking about my friends at mission bell. They have a really cool mission. Um, and there's there a foundation of the brand and it's really cool and that no one else is doing it. So I think it's what makes them really special in the industry. So without further ado, welcome to the show. How's it going, man? Good to be here. So where are you located at? We? So we're in the Orem, Utah.

Devin (01:54): We're just a, it's about a half hour South of salt Lake city in this a little nice small office building right now that small we're doing well. Don't worry. We're in his trailer and we're just kidding. It's so beautiful there right now. Right now we got the leaves changing. We, uh, you know what? We're big into my family. We get in the, in the razors, the side-by-sides. Oh, nice. We go on the trails out here in the mountains. It's great. You want to raise your, father-in-law's got to raise him as hell, man. Like they're insane. Oh, the one that he has a little bit more than that. Oh yeah. I mean like, that's like all you want for 12. Yeah. Like you, the crappiest one out there, like you need so-so we're out. We're out in LA, but you've been in Moab before. Moab is dude, let's go to Moab together. I have a Jeep. I have a J I have a guy Rubicon out Mike, or seriously I do. I just end in you haven't been GP. Not with it. No, I have lab. So I was going to say if you're one of those guys that buys a Jeep crawler, I'm not a mom

Devin (03:01): Going to the mall with like 20

Paul (03:03): Inch rims on it and being like, Oh, I got a Jeep. My husband tweaked it out. Nope. That's not me. That's totally me. Don't worry. Yeah. I figured that's what they told me about you. That you have a mall crawler

Devin (03:16): Drive

Paul (03:17): Drive like a Kia or something like a Honda accord, man. They look good. They're pretty good. Anyway. Sorry. We digressed a little bit there. So yeah. I love Moab. I love Utah actually. Blue. Todd's special. [inaudible] gorgeous. You got, you got the red rocks down South. You haven't been to Lake Powell. That that's an amazing place to be. And then you have the mountains up here. And if you're from Utah, you say mountain, you don't say mountain. Is there a culture flavor? Actually like, like a pop-up on the screen being like, yeah. So like I've been to, um, I mean Optimo apps, obviously I went through like downstate, like the South way, you know, through like Miami Valley and then up and over. But yeah, we went for it. We did all, we did like four of the trails. Like the world, if you, nobody has a Moab is Moab is like a fairy Berry world are now area for like mountain biking. And off-roading like, the mountains are just amazing. There's trails everywhere. If you're into like jeeping or like anything like that, like that's like, there's certain trails for free people. Like the Rubicon, like, like that's another trail it's in California. But um, yeah, like we did some crazy trails there. We just won't call it devil's edge. I think. And I thought I was gonna freaking die. Like for real there's one, there's one called hell's revenge.

Devin (04:42): Is that the one where it's like, like you'll literally on the mountains ad.

Paul (04:45): So this is, this is Moab, but you still talking about Moab? Yeah. Cause there's one in Malawi. It's called Hauser vans. You should look it up. It's this Canyon going? You're you're you're literally crawling to this crack. I was there last time. Totally just rolled over. Totally rolled on inside, destroyed our mirror and everything. We had it. We had this random spectator group of like 30 people watching me on the side. It's it's fun as hell. The saddest moment of my life. I was, well, I think I was on devil's something devil's edge that I remember the name of it actually looks cheap half or I'm gonna look it up for now. I'm really freaking out here. And he was, we did this thing and we'd take my Jeep, but took my friend's Jeep because he tweaked his out more than mine. We didn't want to take two Jeeps.

Paul (05:28): And so we went through like a year and a half ago and it was like a Jeep GM brewery. Right. And to get rid of those, but like pretty much you pay some money. It's really cool because it's like organized GP. I think I know you're talking about um, so how did like what's the story of mish? Well, first let's rewind that. How long have you been golfing? I've been golfing since well, golfing with my dad was 12 years old and the first time I hit a golf ball, it rolled between my legs that before. Oh yeah. I paid it falls backwards.

Paul (06:02): Have you broke a window? You broke. I'm in Arizona, his house on that golf course. I hate driving. And I'm like, you hit that window. You hit that roof. And you're like, Oh, I'm going to hear it here. It comes. But I bet when I was in law school. Sorry, here's another story. I remember I was in law school and like they tell the story, like one of the cases we read where like a guy on a golf course, like sued the golfer and like he lost, but I was like, Oh, maybe that's will happen to me. But I don't really want to, I don't know. That's where the homeowner's insurance dude, you came to the golf course. You put a house on a golf course. Isn't it? Isn't the rule. It's a golf course. That was their first. It's not their fault if they break a window. Right. Maybe every state is different. I mean, I mean, seriously, I'm always worried about it. Don't you? When you hit a house? Oh my I'm like, let's go, let's

Paul (06:51): Go get my ball and I'll wait for someone else. Like one of my friends, they like hit over there and I'll just be like, Oh, that was that guy. It wasn't me, man. I, so, so I've seen this video going around of this dad. He lives on a golf course and anytime someone hits into the yard, he just lays down on the grass, holding his head. Oh my God. People are walking by. And he's just like rubbing it. Just like you're hosed. And like, they have no idea like what to do. They're frozen, you know? And then in the background, of course their family's just cracking up. They're laughing. I want to try that. If I build on a golf course, that's what it's okay. You're not idea that you're just going to, I, would you

Devin (07:28): Ever want to live on a golf course? I would never, never,

Paul (07:30): Ever. Unless you had a big house, like, and you had some yard behind your house, you know, and then it was the golf course. I would do that. But to be tucked away for me just a little bit tucked away and then yeah, it would have some kind of membership. Of course. I mean like these, like these golf courses that have like the houses, like with like a teeny weeny yard, you know what I mean? And then it's like your house. There's no way I do that. I wouldn't live there. There's no way. Sorry. Okay. To answer. So answer your question. Golfing. Since I was 12, really didn't start to hit a ball until college took some college classes, classes in college by far. No doubt you go, you golf for an hour. You come back and now am I that good? Still? I can, I can get by.

Paul (08:13): That's all we'll say good or what? I heard you play the golf. That's what I was told by Lucas. I can play golf. I'm not going to throw out numbers there because you probably better than me. Yeah. Right. I doubt it. It says the man with crapping as a garage. Yeah. Listen. I said, when I started my website, dude, like I was a man, I have two kids. I have a full-time job. So I was like, I only have time to play golf on the weekend. I just don't. So how can I like still enjoy the sport I love. Right. And then I was like, I'm going to write about products because I like products. So that's a little household thing started now. I have, you know, but I still have time. Not really. I mean, I still play golf with me once or twice a month.

Paul (08:52): I'm lucky, but that's if I can get out and here's the thing too, like Arizona is hot right now. So I don't want to play Arizona even at five o'clock one morning. It's hot. Well, not right now, but like the last six months. So, and then what happens out here is in November. Well, now they're receding for October. Right? And then November, all the rates go up like they triple. Right? So it's like, there's no, really like, that's why I started the site, but it's how much do you play that right now? Well, it'd be happy. You know, I got married four months ago. He did. And uh, in golfing a lot less. Oh, I bet we'd have kids. That's not, not a bad thing though. Okay. Fantastic. My, my wife, I was brought to tears. She said she wants to learn how to golf and she enjoys the golf cart with me.

Paul (09:36): I was kidding. I know. I love it. I called my wife with me. We did it once. And she was like, all right. And she doesn't care. So I'm like, all right, fine. But kids love to golf. That's a thing when you have kids do that's awesome. Because like, yeah. Cause you're spending, spending good quality time. You had five hours outside with your kids. Like it's awesome. I mean, they're fighting fantastic, but that's like, that's, what's all about right. Your memory at 12. That's like me with my kids right now, you know? Like, so, so I'll give you, I'll give you a little idea of what I was at last year. I was probably two or three times a week and uh, I just, just killing it. That's that was my thing, you know? And, and uh, you get married. We actually bought a house and decided to remodel the whole entire thing. So thank goodness for YouTube. We've been watching videos, learning how to remodel everything. And it's been fun. It's been great, but that's where a lot of our time has been lately. And it's super satisfying. I don't know if you've done that to a house before, but it's having it.

Paul (10:32): This is my garage. I, like I said, I do nothing. You made your garage seriously. I know you tend to studio. My garage is a YouTube studio at a man-cave kids. Like you lose control of your house. Like you don't have a room anymore, you know? And then the kids in COVID, I was like, I need my own space, you know? And that's kind of how I was able to swing it. I did all this rehab and I did all the walls like, and I did like this white stuff. And um, so, so here's the scariest part about our house we bought, we bought this house was built in the 1930s, right? All the house it's got this little, uh, this little basement and the ceilings are only like six foot five they're they're teeny. And as he walked into the basement, it says welcome to fantasy dungeon, creepiest house. Whoever wrote that, bless their souls. Cause they were, they were tormented and like get up there or whatever, or a Bishop or something who knows what bodies have been buried, dead. So creepy gas. Was it in blood or was in shock? It was in red paint. Not even kidding. Did you like get this couch? Like a dollar? Well, you got a fantasy dude. So like seriously, come down, man. Come on, come play golf with me and we can hang out in my cage. That's creepy. That's scary. I mean, it's, it's actually, it's, it's a really good place. We, uh, we love it. It's a good, safe neighborhood. We're uh, we're going to get the younger one comes over because I was afraid of our hours.

Paul (12:14): It's like a haunted house. There's you know, it's, it's not your house

Speaker 4 (12:21): Haunted. I need to know the answer. You know what you

Paul (12:24): Don't okay. Here. Here's how I think about things. Sometimes you go into a house and you just got a bad feeling, you know? You're like, Oh yeah. That, that is, that is the opposite of her house, man. Get him out of there. That's why your house? Probably not like I'm there talking this guy. Watch the ACE venture. Have you ever seen ACE? Ventura? Yeah. That's awesome. There's this part where he claims he exercised the demons and that's, and they're gone. They're out. And that's funny. So tell me about mission belt. So how long have you been there, but at mission bell, it's been about a year and a half now just go on to college and go there. Or do you like, um, I was actually actually at a different company before it was a company called circus tricks. They, uh, they own trampoline, parks all over the world.

Paul (13:18): And so I started out at that company. Uh, I was on there, their marketing team. There is actually really tight companies. Really good. Unfortunately they've had some, some struggles as of late with COVID you can, you can imagine trampling parks. It's a little bit. I mean, exactly. And so it's, they've been, they've been hit hard unfortunately, but before that all happened, I knew, I knew the founder here at mission belt and name, I forgot his name. Um, so Zach I was on TV. Right. And Jeff Jensen. So the person who's actually on TV was Zach's brother, right? He, yeah. He ended up leaving the company a little bit later. So right now it's and Jeff Jane, uh, main owners and you know, what whole reason I joined the company is because of them. They're great people, great culture, really good company. Great. Uh, great mission. As you're saying, there's a lot of good things to this company.

Paul (14:16): It's a cool company. This is the fricking smartest company. So let's talk about what let's talk about kind of, and then it'll make more sense later to the audience. So what year did mission? What year was that? When they were on shark tank? That was a couple of years ago. I believe it was 2012. It was early on. Yeah. So it was, it was early in the show. The show was, was pretty new at that time. And then our company, we had only started around, it was about like 2011. So when they were on the show, then how many partners were there? Three or three brothers. Um, Oh, are you talking about with the company? Yeah. Way back when, when they were on shark tank. Yeah. So, so with the company, there's three back then. And uh, and so now it's, it's a, it's just the two, but, uh, we, we went on a shark tank.

Paul (15:06): We actually, we, we decided to Dane in right. Is that what's at the high, that's it? Yeah. And uh, the funny thing is, is, uh, so the technology has kind of been around for a little while the ratchet system. So for those who aren't familiar with these belts, uh, what it is, it's actually like a ratchet belt. We don't have holes in our belts. We have little notches. And so as you, uh, stick your, uh, insert your belt, it ratchets up kind of like a snowboard binding blade or like it goes exactly. And so it goes in and it's the perfect fit golfers. I'll I'll just throw this out real real quick. Golfers have loved them. Cause it's, it's just a nice film. The golf course, Tony, Tony Chino, he wore belts for a long time. Uh, Nike pulled him away. Unfortunately, look it, look at the shirt you're wearing, bro, are you trying to do, what is your mission shirt?

Paul (16:01): You should like put a sticker like this. You really are, you know what happened on it? So they got the deal with Damon, right. Or I don't know what the ownership percentage wasn't in that crap that they got the deal. Did they take like, do they really am taking it, like in doing it with them or what happened? You know? Well, okay. K. So, so it went through, it did. And uh, it helped in the, in the show aired and everything. And it wasn't the same exact deal. I'll say that I won't go into specifics. Um, but, uh, but that's sometimes that happens on shark tank. You know, that's true because I've talked to other golf brands. I'm not gonna tell you who, other brands, period that had the same experience or like what you saw on TV. It was what was not what happened afterwards, but I gotta say this.

Paul (16:48): They have been fantastic. And so it wasn't the exact same deal, deal with your changes. No, it worked, it worked best for both companies. You know, you had shark tank and you had mission bell and, and ultimately, man, that's cool. We credit, we credit a shark tank success that we've had. It's just been a fantastic, and they've, they've kept showing our episode, which we're so grateful. They've been such a good company, but, uh, it kind of got us on the map, you know? And, uh, and like I said, the, the technology actually had been around so a little bit of time, but I say it wasn't until that shark tank episode where it really just kind of blew up. There's there's some other competition out there with the same technology, but it was, it was shark tank, man. It was shark tank that really, uh, put it, put it on the map and now people are just loving these belts.

Paul (17:35): It's it's a really good deal. I think, I think what's cool about shark tank. Is it, it it's, it's like a really good way of marketing. If you get the, even if you don't get the deal, right. Oh, it's a good idea, but we're not interested. Or if you do get the deal, I think it helps a lot. And that was their thing. I know shark tank, they love, they really do love companies who go on there and they really do want to want to deal. I know there's some companies that go on there and they're like, okay, as long as we get exposure in the air, the show, that's all we want. Yeah. So here's your website. It's really cool. I mean, like I said, man, no idea how many different belts there were. I didn't, I didn't know. I'd own so many belts in my life until I started.

Paul (18:14): You have so many, those are my life, the laser engraving you're telling me about you guys going to say is yeah. Yeah. So we, uh, we use that in house. What's that you do that in house. We do it. Yeah. So we have a laser in house and actually really helps turn around. Time, goes way down. But uh, we, man, we have a lot of fun on this thing. You, you, you have an image, you name it and we put it on there. We've uh, we've come up with some pretty funny stuff. But uh, it's been fun for a lot of companies. A lot of companies they'll contact us. And if it's a like a golf tournament or just some kind of, uh, gift they want to do for their employees, uh, it's something that's been really, really popular belts are not the first thing that you think of when you thinking of some like employee gifts.

Paul (18:58): But here's the thing, you know, people have to wear belts and they actually realize like once you, you try out these belts, you learn to love it. And uh, it, it turns out to be just an awesome gift that people love. So how many different styles you have a bunch of different styles? It looks like, like you have to look like everyone kind of leather and you have canvas. So as the material on the back, how does your ratchet work then if like, look at this Western belt, I don't see the little, like thing down the middle. How does that thing work? The ratchet or how does it hold the thing down the middle? The thing down the middle it's at the end of the strap. Cause you don't need, you don't need that little ratchet, uh, uh, track until, uh, the very end of the strap where it ratchets up.

Paul (19:38): So, Oh, it's further down. Uh, Oh, I see. They're all further down. Like that would make no sense. Right? Because it's only at the very tip. Well, okay. So here's the funny thing. So, so our belts they're uh, they're one size fits all. So what you do is you take off the buckle and you can actually cut the strap, right? Oh, and, Oh my God. I'm so stupid, dude. I have one of your bouts and it's so long. It looks like I have this like floppy thing right here. Cause I didn't ever get it. And I was like, I'll just cut the end off and look like . And now I realize you cut out the other end.

Paul (20:13): Should we be offering like mission belt? Like cut your belt glasses is that you should, you should go YouTube video. That'd be hilarious. That would cost you guys nothing like at the top of the website to say, don't come here and have a video like this, how it works, how it works. Resizing. I'm so smart. I told you guys to do this now. You're going to you to watch my man Lucas here. That's Lucas. I know his hands look like that's the boy right there. So I'm pretty hands right there. Nice. Oh look, he's cutting it. He measures. Okay. Okay. Here's the thing. Okay. The problem is people will cut their belts and they'll cut it from the wrong side. It's the saddest thing in the world. So they start, they start cutting the B track. Yeah. I never cut it. It doesn't. I have a big thing flopping around like a elephant.

Paul (21:06): Oh, I have that problem anyways, but like it's over here and I'm not too much, man. Don't coach don't cut too much. Cut too much. And it doesn't grow back. You're done. It's over. Okay. Well that's how you resize your belt everybody. Now, Paul learned, sorry. Brought to you by mission. So what, so what's this like what, I guess I kind of tell the audience, like how does mission work? Cause this is what makes them different. It's not like, Oh, they're a belt company and they make cool belts and you can customize it and all that. But like w what, I guess what's what signifies the difference between mission belt and everybody else, I guess. So the cool part, you guys, this is a great, great question. So, so mission belt, we, we decided early on, uh, as we were starting, the company that we want it to be unique, we wanted to be able to look to help out in, uh, in different ways you think of companies like, like Tom's, here's a free advertisement for them.

Paul (21:59): They, you buy a pair, they give a pair, right? They donate a pair of shoes, which is a really, really cool program. Uh, helping out a mission belt. We do something similar for every single belt that we sell. We donate a dollar to a microphone program. And for those who aren't familiar with micro loans, micro loans are, uh, they're actually, they're small loans that are given out to, uh, people in poor economies who are trying to start a business on their own. So basically hard, right? Like it's a way. Yeah. So, so you'll see it in super poor economies. If you, if you give out loans for just $500, you can start your whole chicken farm, you know? And, uh, it's taken me years and years and years and years. Exactly. And in the cool part about microloans it's, it's stimulating the economy. And so sometimes what's difficult is if you're giving these poor countries, if you're giving them free stuff, uh, you might, you might be hurting the market of, of maybe, maybe like the shoe shoe market, you know, uh, Tom's Tom's is fantastic and, and nothing, nothing wrong about that.

Paul (23:04): But sometimes, you know, if you're giving out free shoes and the shoe stores in that poor country, that's not going to help us our economy, right? Like you want to stimulate, it's not, it's free stuff, giving out free stuff sometimes is not always the best idea. And so what we try to do is we try to help those businesses there that are trying to stimulate the economy. And the cool thing about that is it's a recirculating. So they pay back the loan and then the money goes right back into the program. So the program we work with, they're called Kiva and they're the experts at it. We figure, you know, yeah, you don't want to reinvent the wheel and try to figure that out. That's exactly right. And so if you check out Kiva on their website, they're doing awesome things. They're helping so many people out there, but, uh, we've, we've seen so many cool stories, uh, from, uh, you know, companies being able to get these, these loans, uh, really be able to support their family, their community around them.

Paul (23:56): It's been a really good deal. So on this, this is like all the people you've loaned money to, right? Like these, these are a bunch of them. Not, not all of them. It's always, there's new ones, 190, 2,307 loans they've given out, we've given out. Uh, so it's about 4.7 million. I think that it's donate. It's not like this. You just donate. Yeah. So we don't, we don't get it back. It resources, Oh, we're making money off these people. It's like, literally we're giving money. Not a chance. Yeah. It's a donor. It's a donation through Kiva your money back now and do that. But, but no, I mean, it keeps the money in the program. That's cool. It just keeps growing and growing. So like you're donating money to the, to the program. People are using that money, you know, to, to build better their lives.

Paul (24:47): Like it's fricking cool as hell, man. Yeah. I mean, what a cool idea to like really separate yourself from, you know, everybody else. I mean, you can see here, like this is all the places they've given loans to people, right? I mean, you're just donating the money to a five Oh one C3 and then they're loaning the money and they're managing it. And you're just letting that money roll and roll and roll and get bigger and bigger. And you're just donating it through the sale of your products, which I think is super freaking cool because that's super cool. Like, I don't know. I mean, yeah, Tom's done it. Tom's probably when the first company that actually ever do Tom's is Tom's is awesome. Really paving the way they paved the way for everybody. But I don't know. Is there any, are there other brands that are doing it like this?

Paul (25:27): They're not Belle brands. Cause I haven't really heard of anybody like doing something like this. There's a lot of, a lot of brands out there. There really are in, in credit credit to people for starting businesses and thinking outside the box. Um, because, because people really care about this stuff, they really care about being able to help others out there, you know, in less, uh, fortunate circumstances that need a little help here and there. And uh, these companies they're really stepping up to the plate, trying to, uh, like I said, stimulate economies, help out these families help out their situations to be able to have some of the benefits that we have here. You know, even, even in the U S we, we really do have a lot of blessings. I'd say it's so cool to be in the economy we do. And in these companies that are trying to, to help out people outside of the U S and whatnot, it's, it's a great deal.

Paul (26:20): It's really good. So, I mean, and not only are you guys seriously do make really cool stuff. Like you make cool looking like the design. First of all, I love your guys' logo. Like, what does that, what is that like? How the logo is bad . It's a, it's a bird actually in the bird. Uh, it's, it's always been, um, kind of viewed as a thing of prosperity. And so the bird actually goes along with our mission that, uh, hopefully helping others out, you know, having a prosperity and building up their nation. It's, it's, it's a symbol that, uh, that keeps giving basically I'm relating to logos and designs that I love seeing that because I think like, I don't know. I just love that stuff. I look at it all the time. Oh, you have licensing deals. Holy crap. That's cool. How do we do we do, we got to deal with college?

Paul (27:08): You'll you'll see right there. Holy smokes NHL. We got a lot of, a lot of cool stuff. And then, uh, we just keep coming out with more. I never thought I'll say this again. I never thought there could be somebody else out there, but, uh, but you see belts for all certain different kinds of events, you know, different, uh, different things going on. You might want to wear smart. I want to wear your, your Boise state Broncos. That's a cool mellower. You got your Baylor bears. This is sick. You guys make some cool stuff. Like I'm not just, I mean, let me show you guys what I think is cool, right? Like this is cool because first of all, your belts are awesome. You have a mission belt on right now. I do not. I have workout shorts on right now. Okay. Whatever. Sorry. Do you want to say whenever coming back on? Yeah, please. Fine. That's everyone on a, on a zoom meeting these days, right?

Devin (28:02): I'm just naked, outward going down. So all

Paul (28:05): You see is the shirt that I'm wearing. I like your closet hangers. These are so freaking smart. You guys, you understand, like, you know, it's such a pain in the to like, hang up your belt somewhere. It came up with this design. I was hold your belt. I just love it. I don't know. It's only a dollar. I mean, it was a piece of plastic, but it's like, I don't know. It's kind of a pain in the . You try to hang your belt up. But I mean, you guys make everyone, your love was bad-ass. You guys make really, really cool belts, very young and innovative, too looking designs. You know what I mean? Yeah. We have a great team here. They do a great job. And then on top of that, you guys are giving back. What I think is really cool because people don't do that anymore.

Paul (28:39): So what's coming up with permission belt with the holidays coming up, you guys are ramping up or what? We're ramping up, man. Holiday's coming up quick. It's October get ready for, uh, for those big sales coming for the holidays. Uh, I'd say, keep watching the West, the website, we got some good deals for obviously black Friday and Christmas coming up. Uh, Missy belts, always coming out with new stuff. They're always doing new things, which keeps it fresh, which keeps people happy. Like you're saying that that outdoorsmen collection, that's the first collection that we did with, with our laser engraver. We like one laser and getting rid of a bunch of them. I know it's pretty quick one. I don't know. I've seen them online. They're pretty expensive. We have one laser graver. It's a big guy though. And it pumps buckles out so we can, we can do a ton.

Paul (29:27): And, uh, and, and just a day, I mean, cool. Like just that's insane, dude. Yeah. Yeah. So we're, we're, we're going to be coming up, coming out with the new stuff here. Uh, man, I don't know you got some, we might do something. Might do something for the election coming out here, way too many details. But, uh, we, uh, we're excited. So then where can people find you guys, like, are you at the golf courses? Are you at, you know, that's a great question. So we were actually in a whole lot of retailers if you know, buckle or a Scheels, Nordstrom, those are some, some of our big retailers, uh, or you can go to Michigan belt.com. That's probably easiest way, but then also you've got, you got Amazon. Everyone loves Amazon. Everyone goes on Amazon. Uh we're on there. We do really well on that, on that site.

Paul (30:20): And then, and then lastly, uh, you know, if you're interested in some kind of specialized spelt with specialized, uh, logo, um, you can, you have to contact us for that. That's custom that mission.dot com. We can literally do anything on the buckle for you, but we're in tons of golf courses. If we're not at your golf course, man, you better recommend mission belt. Uh, they sell great at golf courses. Seriously. It's golfer's favorite belt. We, uh, deal with PGA and dope. You got that first fall. No logos. You had. I was like, Oh, that'd be cool as hell. If he got like a deal with the PGA, I'm surprised they wouldn't give it to you. Right. I mean, you're already, I don't know. I don't know. I'm just looking at stuff. I'm like, why is the PGA given? I'm like, they're like, you can do a PGA belt.

Paul (31:05): That'd be cool. I know. Yeah, we could, we could put like a stamp. It's like, yeah. I mean, so are those, is anybody on the tour still using the bell or are like the bigger brands, you know, like quote unquote, like the nineties and whatever, trying to lock down and say like, Oh no, it's kind of hard. Yeah. It's really hard. Like Tony Fino, that was a great, uh, example that he's, he's here from Utah as well. And he loved our belts and, and uh, he would always give us credit for that. But once you get some of these bigger brands, like Nike coming in and giving them contracts, they kind of shut them down and, and you know, don't blame for that. I mean, that's, that's what they do. That's the part about right? Because these brands have the apparel and they have the power and that's cool.

Paul (31:50): We're cool if they, you know, but, uh, we, we still support Tony Fino. We were just at his charity tournament just last month and it was a really cool deal. But, uh, but yeah, I've heard that before. I've heard that like from other brands, like literally in the, in the, in the belt space too, that like, this is kind of funny. Cause a lot of these brands, they don't actually, they don't want to feel . They're just trying to lock the person down and not have you be able to trust me. I know I talked to people that like it's happened to where they had a belt. They were like that they were actually tour players and they had their friends like Ricky and all these guys like wearing their belt because their friends, right. It was like that. And then all of a sudden, like one year these brands all realize, Oh, there's more real estate on the golfer.

Paul (32:33): We should add that in the contract saying, you must wear our belts. Even though they don't even make belts. It's like, dude, don't be shady seriously. But like, I guess, I mean not really shade. I don't know. I mean, if you're going to spend millions of dollars supporting a guy, then you might do that. Yeah. I mean, mission belts. Awesome. I would highly recommend you guys check it out. Not only do they have a cool mission, but play on words, but like they make cool belts. You guys I've worked with them for like a year and a half and they're just nice people. And you know, I don't know. It's kind of cool to support brands that are more innovative and trying to make the world a better place. So be sure to check out mission belts. They are awesome. And I think Devin for being on the show today, um, I know he's a busy guy. We even get into all the things that he does, but um, we'll home back since he's funny. He's super funny. Um, so thanks. Thanks for being on the show. Thanks man. Appreciate you having me. All right. Cool. See you later. We'll see you then.

Paul (33:29): Thanks for listening to another episode of behind the golf bread podcast. You're going to beat me at golf. Stay connected on and off the show by visiting golfers authority.com. Don't forget to like subscribe and leave a comment. Golf is always more fun when you're winning, stay out of the beach and see you on the green.

Paul Liberatore
Paul Liberatore

As the founder of Golfers Authority, Paul Liberatore Esq. has spent the last 7+ years writing about the best golf equipment and gear, and has been a writer for both GolfWRX and Sports Illustrated Golf. When not practicing law, Paul can also be found on his YouTube Channel, or heard on his syndicated Behind the Golf Brand podcast where he talks with the leaders of the golf industry.

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