Ep #19 – Behind the Golf Brand Podcast | 18 Strong, Jeff Pelizzaro (Co-Founder)

Paul Liberatore Paul Liberatore
August 9, 2021

In this week’s episode I interview my good friend Jeff Pelizzaro , the Co-Founder of 18 Strong. One of the most distinguished golf fitness professionals in the world, and host of the 18 Strong podcast (over 300 episodes), Jeff Pelizzaro is not only the go to source for golf fitness, but also one of the […]

In this week’s episode I interview my good friend Jeff Pelizzaro , the Co-Founder of 18 Strong.

One of the most distinguished golf fitness professionals in the world, and host of the 18 Strong podcast (over 300 episodes), Jeff Pelizzaro is not only the go to source for golf fitness, but also one of the nicest down to earth guys I know. Jeff and his partner Ryan have built the 18 Strong community into the premier fitness program for golfers. With how to videos, guides, and their own app, 18Strong has changed the life of tens of thousands of players. Not to mention their podcast, Jeff has interviewed everyone from Nick Price, to Zach Johnson, Webb Simpson, and Matt Ginella to just name a few. https://18strong.com/

Paul (00:00): What's up guys. It's Paul from Behind the Golf Brand Podcast. I do not know what episode this is because I lost track and it just kind of gets lame if I say his episode, whatever. So, um, yeah, I don't know what episode this is, but whatever, but today I got a really good guest. I feel like he's like a godfather of golf podcasting. And um, some of you already know who he is cause you see it on the screen. Um, if not, this is, uh, my friend, Jeff, Jeff owns 18 Strong. He has like, he's been podcasting for a while. Now. I used to listen. I may still listen to him now, but I've been listening for a couple of years. Uh, and I reached out to him. I was like, Hey man, I would just be on my podcast. And he's like, sure. So without further ado.

Jeff (00:45): Jeff. Hey Jeff, on the show. What's up, man. Thanks for bringing me on. This is awesome.

Paul (00:50): So like where are you at right now? That's a nice house.

Jeff (00:54): You had to call me out. Didn't you? I call everybody like

Paul (00:59): People in backyards. I was like, Oh, it's a nice backyard. Oh, you want to decorate now? Like it's fun. I always ask to go there. I think.

Jeff (01:06): Yeah, no, it's funny because I've done a podcast from so many different places. This is actually my parent's basement. Um, because we had a little issue with our gym where I normally do a lot of the podcasts and because my kids are at home virtual learning. So my normal, my normal routine has been kind of thrown awry. But um, thankfully my parents' basement is kind of like a sanctuary, nice man. It's a nice, I should just make this, my, my second office. That should be your studio.

Paul (01:33): I'm in a garage. So I can't really like talk to you.

Jeff (01:35): Yeah. It's, it's pretty slick criticism. Like I might make this permanent.

Paul (01:39): That's really cool. So, I mean, I saw what happened, right? Cause I think we talked about it a couple of weeks ago. Like, did you guys have a flood or something or was it a flood that came through the gym,

Jeff (01:47): But it was, it was crazy. We had, so I live in st. Louis. I work in a gym that is in this little area of town called Brentwood. Um, and we kinda like sat at the bottom of a Hill of this main thoroughfare. And we had a torrential downpour one night and there was like a flash flood. There's some major water issues going on in the city, like with the drainage stuff. And we didn't know about it. It came on a Saturday night, Sunday morning, my buddy who actually owns the studio, sends me a text with some pictures. He's like, dude, our gym flooded last night. So apparently the water got so high. It was like knee high in the gym and it flooded the turf, the mats we had to go in and trash a ton of stuff. So yeah, we're kind of in a transition of, of finding a new location for the actual, you know, my day to day stuff that I do when I'm actually working with golfers in the gym. So it's been a little bit of a transition on top of all the COVID stuff. So like everybody else I'm ready for 2021 to come

Paul (02:44): The worst year, dude, I hate this year. It's crazy. Just one thing after another, it feels like we haven't even hit the election yet. So like that's still coming everybody so is not a political show, but like either way it's going to bad. So I mean, that's what I feel like, but so that sucks. So then you still in her new studio, like right now?

Jeff (03:06): Yeah. So I'm, I'm temporarily working in an awesome place. If you guys check out any of my, uh, my Instagram post as of lately, uh, you'll see that I'm in a sick facility called lift st. Louis lift S STL, which is it's, it's about as bad ass of a gym as you'll ever find, but it's, it's a community gym. So it's not quite set up for what we're wanting to do with 18 strong and hopefully build out a podcast studio and stuff like that with the, uh, the next location and then still be able to work with some of the local golfers that I work with.

Paul (03:36): Okay. So this is always the first question I ask everybody because I, and I asked this to you too, cause I don't really care. Like I know people do, I want to talk to them, but I was wanting to know who these people are. Right. And that tells me a lot about people. Um, and, and so I guess like my story, I always say, what's your story? Like, how did you get to where you're at right now? Like what, you know, like how'd you get into fitness and that kind of thing. So quick background, I

Jeff (03:59): Born and raised in st. Louis. I went to school in Kansas city and got my physical therapy degree. So went there for undergrad grad school and then moved back to st. Louis kind of did your traditional physical therapy thing worked in the clinics for about six years? Just kind of your standard outpatient orthopedic clinic. And then I got hooked up with a golf fitness company and kind of shifted my career path a little bit and I wasn't a golfer by any means. Um, I was kinda more of you're a bachelor party and scramble golfer at the time. And this was back in like 2008, but, um, ended up starting to get into golf fitness world. It was just kind of introduced to that. And I knew that with my background in PT, I could CA I could help these golfers with the way that the body needed to move injuries, that kind of thing.

Jeff (04:46): And then I just kinda got sucked in to the world of golf and just, I mean, kinda, totally fell in love with it. So continue to work with golfers in person, but then decided I wanted to do something more and, and put a little bit more out there. So it wasn't just me working with golfers in a gym, but I knew there were a lot of golfers out there that needed some help needed some information regarding their fitness level regarding their body. And, um, so that's when I kind of started dabbling and just writing some articles, you know, started my own website, which was Jeff pelissero.com back in the day,

Paul (05:18): Is that you start in a blog like a WordPress blog or something.

Jeff (05:21): It was, it was a square Squarespace or log, I think, um, that was 2010 maybe somewhere around then. And then, um, not long after that, I started listening to some podcasts and started listening to a couple of like interview based podcasts. And I was like, you know what? This is kind of cool. Maybe there's a way that I could, I could do this with the golf and fitness stuff. And then that's when I reached out to my cousin, Ryan, who Ryan's background is in like small business marketing and websites and stuff like that. And I'm like, Hey, can you help me with this website stuff? I'll produce some, I'll do the content. I'll do the, but let's, let's kind of put our, put our super powers together here. And that's kind of how 18 strong came about. I reached out to a couple people that I knew in the golf fitness world, like a Jason Glass, uh, Dave down a to G you know, Dave was working with Brooks KEPCO back in the day, uh, Ben shear and was just like, Hey, would you guys mind coming on this thing called a podcast? And that's the crumble of them knew what it was and, and, uh, didn't know where it was going to go. And now here we are, we just, we're about to release our 300th episode. So awesome today. Yeah. That's a lot, dude. That's a lot, man. So pretty much almost a weekly podcast. Uh, there've been a couple of weeks in there where we've had to shift and pivot a little bit, but yeah, almost a podcast a week for over five years now. So you're a bad ass, like, you know,

Paul (06:43): We'll start podcasts and they only last a little bit, and then they just disappear, you know, like, and my other big milestone, every every hundred, every hundredth, I guess you could say it's a huge amount. I didn't around 300 almost. I've been watching it. Like, you know, when you do your traffics and stuff, for instance, or for YouTube, I'm like, Oh, that's cool. You can close. So then what year was, do you think, did it like 18 strong really start out then, because you went from your website to the podcast, but then you're now developing the site as well as everything.

Jeff (07:12): Yeah. So the, the podcast initially launched in, I think it was September of 2014 and that's kind of when it all started. And at the beginning we did some articles on 18 strong. Um, we, we were doing quite a few YouTube videos. We're kind of doing all these different things at all, but the one thing that I committed to myself that was that for, for a year straight, I was going to do a podcast a week. And so that was, that was the thing, no matter what happened, um, it was going to be one podcast a week, whether that was an interview they're predominantly interview based back in the day we did somewhere. It was just me kind of talking on a topic and doing some research on a topic, that kind of thing. But it's predominantly all interview based reaching out now it's, you know, it started out with a lot of fitness professionals, um, people in the medical community as far as golf is concerned, but then we've started to really branch out into golf instructors, PGA tour players, um, you know, corn fairy players, uh, we've people outside of the golf world.

Jeff (08:10): We had a Navy seal sniper on one time, sniper instructor, you know, just different things to try to bring in ways where golfers can get something out of it. That's going to help either their golf game or their fitness level, or just help them in general.

Paul (08:23): Yeah. Cause you got some, I mean, I, first of all, like I love your graphics. I think your graphics look amazing. I'm like, it looks like a magazine cover for every one of your episodes.

Jeff (08:33): That was exactly the intent was to try to, I always, I always really liked the, like the look of golf digest when they'd have just a dude on there or girl or, and they just, and they just have, you know, that, that picture and then like some, a little bit of text or whatever. And so that was originally what we wanted to do was, you know, how can we make this? Just kind of look pretty cool. Look like some sort of a, uh, some sort of a magazine cover. I mean, that's all,

Paul (09:00): I mean, it looks so good. Like seriously. I mean, I look at yours and I'm like, I'm on, looks like crap. Like my, it looks like something, I didn't paint ms. Paint. And then like, I like, it's yours. I'm like, Oh, it looks like he has a golf.com making his cover images for them.

Jeff (09:16): Big, big shout out to my man, Brett, who does all of our, our graphics. I usually I'll get the image of the person's shoot it up at a Bret and say, make it look pretty, man. That's honestly, initially I was doing all of them and you can go back and look at the original ones and see how terrible those,

Paul (09:34): It just looks so good. I have the first thing I always caught my eye on like, well, I don't know. I think when you do these little things, it makes a big difference. Right? It shows that like, you actually care about what you're doing, you know, like it's like, you really kind of have to do everything. You know, you can't really have asset if that's why I feel like some people can, I guess, but I mean, I'm always, I'm always trying to figure out better ways of doing it, but I mean, I love her graphics graphics, so good. How'd you come up with your logo coats, great logo.

Jeff (10:00): Well, we initially started out with, um, with kind of a stacked logo, which is still our main logo for like a tee shirts. And, and if you go to the podcast on iTunes, that's like the main one. And then I knew we wanted something that was just more linear to just cause, you know, we want to do some apparel and things like that. And we just thought that had a cool look to it with the different change in the colors and just kind of split it up a little bit, but I'm all about graphics. I'm all about, you know, we, we really love the simple look and I think that part of 18 strong is it's it's about more than just the fitness part, right? It's kind of a, it's like this identity of, of golfers. That's the way that I look at it is like, I am a teen strong, I'm striving to be 18 strong and that can mean so many different things to different people. But I think that if there's, if they there's a kind of a cool identity to, to it as well, the look, the feel of it. Um, and then our, our community really kind of latches on to being a part of something that bigger has a good feel to it. And, and, you know, ultimately when we bring out some more apparel and stuff like that, they'll be proud to wear it to the gym or, you know, out on the street or whatever.

Paul (11:04): So then tell us about like, so you started the podcast and then it sort growing right. And take a little bit of time to get the audience to build it. Which, I mean, it's pretty, very loyal. Right. Cause you're giving good information. I mean, it's like a kind of a crossbreed, right? Cause not only are you giving good information about fitness, but then also you're interviewing some really cool people. Right. And I think like, as a podcaster, like I've never interviewed another podcast or before, so, but I mean, I know for myself, I think it comes down to your audience. Right. And then also who the guest is and if you can get a good and then it's like merging those two worlds together so people can actually see behind that person. Right. Like that's what it comes down to. That's what I figured out. I dunno I could be wrong, but, um, but I mean, I think I look at your, your, your, uh, the people who have been on the show and they've all, you know, they all add value, you know what I mean? I think it's people look for. And so how do you go through that process then? How do we go through the process of figuring out who you want on the show?

Jeff (11:57): Oh. And that kind of, you know, it's kind of like, I try to think of our audience as really people that are like me. I mean, guys that love to play golf. They have some interest in fitness to some degree, but like also, like who would, I want to listen to? Who do I want to get exactly what I mentioned from yeah. It's like, and also who do I want to connect with that I see are doing cool things in the world of golf or whatever might be. And so I think that it's, it's really, I mean, selfishly, it's so much fun for me. I mean, and you've probably experienced this too. Being able to reach out and have a conversation with somebody that, you know, probably wouldn't respond to you if you didn't have a podcast at first and it's like, and then you get, you have this connection with somebody. And so I really want the audience to feel like, you know, we're kind of connecting to people on their behalf that we know have, they've got great information. They're going to be able to help our audience are going to provide some kind of value. But it's also like somebody that just like you, somebody I want to sit and chat with for, for an hour and hang out with, and hopefully build a relationship with.

Paul (12:54): So people like with the podcasts, I'm like, just imagine you and me are sitting in a car for 45 minutes. I mean, that's literally what we're doing. And I'm just going to ask you all these kind of random questions and it's going to be fun. And before, you know, the show is over, I'm like, okay. And they, cause I've had people ask me like, Oh, can you send me the questions they're gonna ask me? And I'm like, I have no idea what I'm going to ask you. I have none. So I get, I can't prep you for it. Like this is where you're going blind. So, um, but I feel like I feel it it's kind of same with you, what you're saying, where, you know, I'm trying to let people peek behind the door of a brand, right? Like a person or a brand that they have seen on TV, you know, or they use. And I think it's really cool because you know, it's hard is, well, I try to tell people that a lot of these brands are people just like us, you know? I mean, they're small, they're just trying to figure it out and make a better, better, a better product. So, um, I mean, cause you got some big I've looked at here, I've watched some of them. Right.

Jeff (13:47): Holy crap. How did he get that guy? Like,

Paul (13:51): So, I mean, do you use like reach out to them or at this point, I mean, you've been around for so long. I think people already know who you are. So like, Oh yeah, cool. Jeff wants to interview me. I'll do that. You know,

Jeff (14:00): It's, it's a little bit of both. I mean, especially at the beginning it was like just random message on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or, you know, scouring through the internet and finding an email address that they had or something like that. But the, probably the best way is just when, when I interview somebody and then, you know, we build a rapport and then they're like, Oh, you should have so and so on the show or I'll ask them like, Hey, is there anybody else that you think would be great to have on the show? And then it's always, when you have that personal interaction, I call it the warm handoff. It's like, Oh yeah, yeah, that's the way to describe it.

Paul (14:34): You know? And I think that's kind of how I've been doing it too. Or, I mean, that's how I, that's a golf story. I'll tell you guys right now, you want to have golfers with Doroty grew. I just was nice to people and I did stuff and they liked me and I became friends and then they were like, Oh, as a person, not as a brand. And then it's like, you know, they would just say, you should, Hey, you should try it out, check out this brand. Or you should talk to these people. And it just helped us grow so quickly because I think people want to be around nice people. Right. Nobody wants to be around jerks. So, um, that's what I, that's what, and that's a podcast now the podcast for me right now, I just text people or I call them and say, or I'm like, Hey, you'll be on my podcast this week.

Paul (15:10): And they're like, sure. You know what time? Right. So it's like, our conversations are no different than had I just called. If I just called Jeff today, this would be the same conversation I'm having with Jeff. It just, I want people to hear about what's going on, you know, how they were inquiring minds want to know. Right. So, I mean, cause I looked at your list of people. I'm like, Holy smokes, man. How did he get Nick? Like listeners? He's gotten like Zach Johnson, Nick price, Webb Simpson. I mean, I pulled it up just to show you like this. Just some of his interviews, like these are big name people in the golf world. Right? Like, so I can't think of any other podcasts right now. That's been able to do that. I mean, there's a lot of wannabes. I know that, but this is, Jeff's a real deal, but he's also a good person. So I mean, just let you guys know, like he's a good dude, but so let's talk about 18 strong then. So when did you start? Like when did 18 Strong's first program come out? That's

Jeff (15:57): Question. I'm going to say probably 2000. And I mean, we were pretty much just putting out content for the longest time and it was like 2000, maybe 16. I'd have to ask Ryan and see when it was, when we came out with our first product, which we call it the golf body blueprint. And um, really we came out with that because we had, you know, we were putting out all this content and we'd get so many questions via email. Like what do you think of this? Or, you know, what are some good exercises for this? And then, you know, then people are like, well, can you just tell me what to do? Like I just want to know what to do. And so we're like, we, we should probably, we should probably put something together. You know, we've had all these resources, I've worked with so many golfers in person and now it's like, yeah, let's why don't we give our audience what they want.

Jeff (16:45): So we put together the golf body blueprint and put that out there and it's an eight week program and people love it. So then we ended up doing another one called the activate program, which really, we now kind of almost look at that as like the first one that people will, will do when they come into our universe, we start them with the activate and then they kind of progress into the golf body blueprint. And then now we've got several other programs on there and then we've got our, what we call our elite membership, which kind of gives you access to all of them, um, in more of a category.

Paul (17:13): So, I mean, so you print out a ton of free content, right. And people are asking you like, Hey, can I buy this off you? Or kind of just tell me what to do.

Jeff (17:22): Yeah. Tell me what to do. I need a plan, you know?

Paul (17:25): Yeah. I think that's where the rubber meets the road a lot of the time because people have good intentions. I just think that like, whatever it might be in golf or life or whatever, but like they need a blueprint or they need a plan on how to do it, how to execute because that's, what's really hindering them from doing it. Not that they don't want to do it just, they don't know how to do it, even though the information is there. It's not enough to push them, I guess.

Jeff (17:47): Yeah. I find that a lot of you know, that are interested in getting better at golf, especially interested in, in what they can do with their body to get better at golf. If they don't have some sort of a laid out plan in front of them, they're just going to kind of dabble. They're going to go to the gym, they're going to try a couple things. They're going to find some YouTube videos. And, and even with our YouTube videos, it was like, we'd give really good information, but it was never pieced together. Like, okay, step one, step two, step three, do this. Like we would do with somebody coming into the gym. And so now if you have eight weeks and you know exactly what you need to do every single day, it's so much easier to just put in the work, do it. And you just start to see the results. You know, it's not about finding a perfect thing for you. It's about, Oh, here it is. Let me just, let me just do this.

Paul (18:32): I mean, it's smart because I think once the blueprints there for somebody and not, you know, quote unquote blueprint, it's just like, it's good information. It'll help you to the process and you don't have to worry about like, Oh, is this for me? Or am I doing it right? It's like, all right there. Um, and I mean, essentially fitness and there's so many different, you know, brands doing fitness and not just golf. Right? I mean just normal fitness stuff. Like, it's hard to tell what you're doing. I mean, I know as a consumer, it is for me, we have a lot of people that would come to us and they, you know, they were trying like P90X or they're doing something

Jeff (19:04): With the intent of it helping their golf game, like just because they wanted to get in better shape. But we were like, well, let's, let's give you something that's actually geared towards helping you with your golf game. Not just, you know, exercising and getting stronger, but let's do the things that you need to do in order to play better golf to, you know, the, the mobility stuff, the movement stuff, to make sure that your body is able to do what you want it to do when you're out on the course. Yeah. Because, and it goes beyond that, right? Like I,

Paul (19:29): Teen Strong's made for golfers, right. Quote, unquote, however, it's it's for the guy, the guy or gal that wants to just get back into shape. Right. Like it's and it's going to help your golf game. No doubt. Right. But I mean, at the end of the day, like if you weren't a golfer or you didn't call it that much, you're like, well, I don't really care about getting better at golf, whatever. It's okay. Because if you

Jeff (19:50): Program, you're starting to get in shape, like you would, if you had a, you know, another program and it's, you know,

Paul (19:58): Cool. Because I don't see anybody else doing that. There's no other, I don't know of anybody other Alice, that's doing a fitness program geared just for golfers. And you're using all of your years and years of experience to build a program that, you know, will help you get better at call. Right. Because it's gonna, you're gonna get those gains. And then the aftereffect of it is you're gonna get your life back in,

Jeff (20:18): Right. Yeah. Oh, Hey, I'm, I'm stronger. I, I looked better. I feel more confident. Like all those things come along with it. And that's huge. That's so funny because sometimes we, I almost feel like we, we bring people in because of the golf thing. And then they start to realize like how many more benefits they get out of just doing this stuff initially with the intention of it being for their golf game. But then it's like, Oh man, I'm building all these better habits and I'm looking better. I'm feeling better. I've lost, changing. I mean, that's,

Paul (20:44): It's a way to say it, right? Like, yeah. We, you know, into it, you come into

Jeff (20:48): That, you find it. Yeah.

Paul (20:48): Somehow through golf, right. Through his podcast or his training or whatever it might be. And then the after effect is like, you're getting your life back together. And that's huge. Right. Especially, I mean, for guys, my age, I'm in my forties, right. My birthday Saturday, Sunday. Great. I'm already forgetting.

Jeff (21:04): And you know, but it's like, once you kind of have kids and I mean, deaf are pretty much the same age and you know,

Paul (21:12): And there's a lot of you guys out there they're are same way. Right. You're in your third, late thirties, early forties, you have full time job. You have kids, whatever.

Jeff (21:19): Like you don't get to exercise or do you don't have the time like you used to have. And so what's cool about what Jeff's doing. Is it like, he makes it easy for you to like do it? I mean, I know I want to look better who doesn't. Right. Like who wants to get back in shape? I wish I was,

Paul (21:34): I was just 20 years ago and I was going to the gym every day for two hours.

Jeff (21:38): Yeah, I know. Right. Weren't those the days like you go to class in the morning, you go to the gym for two hours, then you go eat your face off and you go. And you're like, I gained any weight and now it's like,

Paul (21:51): Look at pizza. And I gave fricking 15 pounds and my triglycerides go up or something, you know? So it's such bull crap, dude. I hate it. It sucks. Like it sucks so bad. You know,

Jeff (22:02): We're going to get you back on track though. I know. I can't wait.

Paul (22:06): Jeff, when I grow up, that's what I would say. Like, yeah. How old are you Jeff? What? 39. 40

Jeff (22:13): To me bro, like two man. Wonder birthday, May 9th. I'll say,

Paul (22:20): Where did you go to high school? Like 97 or 96. 96. Yeah. So I graduated high school. So it was the best year. 96. All you young whippersnappers listening to it.

Jeff (22:28): Nineties music is the best. Sorry. Sorry. I can only do. We were tangents. Um, that's crazy. So then, I mean, what's coming out, I guess

Paul (22:39): The problems you have right now. Cause I, you know, I'm a member, but then what do you got once the new studios set up? Are you planning on doing more, not content but more another program or just adding to the program and updating it or?

Jeff (22:51): Well, yeah, once, once the new once we're kind of all settled back in, we'll definitely be setting it up to shoot some more content. Um, we're starting to kind of ramp up some things over on Instagram and, and that stuff. So we're definitely gonna be putting out some more, we would love to have to build kind of a podcast studio where we can even do some in-person guests. We've got an army. It was so cool folks here in st. Louis that we could, could bring in and then hopefully some other people coming in. But yeah, we've got, we're actually working on building out and it should be ready. We're going to be testing it in the next couple of weeks, but we're building out a whole new app. So it's going to ask cool. It's going to bring are all the programs that we have already.

Jeff (23:30): We're going to be able to put those into this app. So it's going to be that much more robust where people can track and do everything just off of their phone. It's going to be awesome. And then we've got this new program called the RFG, which is our real fit golf program, which is really just kind of a small group of guys that are going through it. So it's more of an intense 12 week deal. It's almost like a kind of like tie in like a mastermind and a fitness program and just an accountability group. And we've been seeing some incredible results. So tell us about that. I wanna hear about this. This is cool. So, um, this is, it's basically a 12 week program. It's a group training program and the guys in it, the guys that are coming in are really kind of guys that, you know, much like yourself, you know, when we were talking about just some of the physical stuff that you've been going through and wanting to get back in shape, you know, so guys 35 to 50 or so that are ready to finally kind of kick it back into gear, but they just haven't either committed or they've struggled with committing to it or sticking to a program or whatever, or not knowing or not knowing

Paul (24:34): Countable or they have, you know, they do for two weeks and then life gets in the way and like P90X or something. And they're like, Oh yeah,

Jeff (24:41): Exactly. So this is a program built out specifically for guys that know that they wanted to help improve their golf game as well. But this is where we've got the kind of the built in and accountability of me and, and my other coach, Tony, I'm really digging in with these guys and figuring out, you know, okay, holding them accountable to doing their workouts every week, holding them accountable to, you know, the nutritional strategies, things like that. So we've had guys in 12 weeks time, you know, losing 15 pounds guys that haven't walked on the golf course in decades. And now like the one guy Rick he's 62. So he's a little older than in the traditional guy in the program. But, um, he found us via YouTube and he came in, hasn't walked a golf course in decades and he just carried his bag 27 holes the other day, he's playing three days a week. Now he's like, he's lost 15 to 20 pounds or so he's probably again,

Paul (25:29): Crapload of muscle. So leave that 15 and 20 pounds, probably 40 pounds.

Jeff (25:33): It's so great. He's like, dude, I feel like I'm 15 years younger than I, his life's back. Right? Like he's not going to speak to what you were saying before. Yeah. Like, Oh, I'm getting older. That's like with me, man, I was like, Oh no, I saw my doctor yesterday.

Paul (25:46): You know? It's like, when you start getting in your forties, you're like, Oh, I'm getting older. I guess this is just part of life. And it's like, no, it's not, you know, it's just

Jeff (25:55): District choices that you're making right now or the, or your habits that you've had for a while that have been hurting you,

Paul (26:02): You can give Jeff 12 weeks and he'll change your life. Right. I mean, that's really what it comes down to. I mean, yeah, that should be your slogan Alma trademark that right now, like, are you on the show

Jeff (26:12): Me 12 weeks? I'll try it out. I'll change your life. You know, you're, you're totally right. They're like, we just kind of getting these, these ruts and these habits and thinking like, ah, this is just kinda how it is. I'm a golfer I'm supposed to have back pain or, you know, I'm a dad with three kids and it's normal for me to be 25 at school. That's just how life is dude. Look between me and Jeff. We're the same age Jeff works out. I don't that much. Right. I mean, so you have choices. I mean, you don't have, I mean, Jeff has a FA like, okay, me as a person, I be like, if I'm gonna compare myself

Paul (26:44): To Jeff who are the same age, we both have kids that go to school with a full time jobs. And it's like, he's living a healthier life than I am by far. Right. Obviously, but that's clear choices. Right. And I think like everybody has that choice. And if you don't play victim, I guess a better way of saying or say, Oh, that's just how it is. That's hereditary. That's bullshit. I'm sorry.

Jeff (27:05): I mean, I think that something's, something's holding people back in that respect and it's like, well, how can we help? What can we do? And it's not like the lifestyle that I live is not, you know, a hundred percent vegetable you're not living. Right. It's like, we're golfers too. We'd love to go out. We'd love to have some whiskey or burgers or whatever, but it's like making the small choices more consistently and then having, you know, figuring out how to work that in. And especially if you're somebody that needs to make some changes, well, let's make those changes. And then we can kind of sift regular stuff back in, but going to just bring you any, cut, everything out, right. It doesn't work. It doesn't work

Paul (27:44): Because then you just fail like, Oh, I'm going to like you can't wake up one morning and go, I'm going to do keto. You know, I'm going to learn how to fast. And then that ain't going to work. Like it takes forever to get that. Right.

Jeff (27:55): Here's a, here's a funny story. I just got a text message this morning from a guy that I know. He sends me a picture of all the, all the ingredients for whatever Phil Mickelson's little coffee, fast thing was recently. So this picture has like the Bulletproof coffee and all these different ingredients. He's like, I'm doing fills, fills fast for the next, you know, however long. And in the background, it's kind of funny. There's like whiskey bottles and everything. And I'm like, well, so what's the, what's the plan of this whole fasting thing? Like why, why not just eat better? Like we've talked about before. Why not just exercise a little bit better? It's like, everybody wants this quick fix stuff and it just doesn't, it doesn't work. It just puts you back on that same little rollercoaster, you know?

Paul (28:38): Well, like if you want to drop 10 pounds in a week, no problem. It's easy. It's really getting right back. I mean, just anything you're going to do, but like, this is what I've learned. I don't know anything. Right. But like, I know like you could fast, right? You can have an eight hour, 16 hour fast or 20 hour fast. And if you eat a bag, like a bag of chips, you eat a couple chips. Like your buys, you just destroyed everything you just did because your body's like an eat it. Right. It's gonna like put it, like, I've learned that the hard way. Cause I'm like, I'm going to fast today. And I'm like, I weigh myself next morning. I'm like, I lost half a pound. That's what the hell? You know? And I'm like, what I eat for dinner last night. Oh, that's right.

Paul (29:11): Okay. Wow. Like, I don't know. I think it's cool because I dunno it's like your, your, it goes beyond golf. And I think men need that, especially. I mean, just nothing against the ladies. It's just, I think men in our age group, 35 to 55, need that push if they're going to make those changes. So that in the next phase of their life, they're not having all those health issues that they had from before. You know? I mean, yeah, I've hereditary, whatever. But I mean, I dunno, it's like your twenties you're right. Your teens are skinny and roll your buff. And then there's thirties, you get fat or out of shape, not really fat. You just become dad bods. And then now what? Right. And it's hard now you're spending money trying to figure out how many P90X or I'm going to get a trainer.

Paul (29:56): I'm going to pay him whatever a month. And then, you know, I'm not going to really, you know, my gains are good. I don't know. I just think like, but then are you still being held accountable? Do they really care? That's the question too. Like if you have a trainer, does he really care that you get your body back in shape and 12 weeks? No, probably not. Isn't care. Shit. I mean, he helps you do, but I mean, that's his livelihood, right? So he's hoping that you're actually going to stick around, stick around and stay for a year. Cause you're gonna get hurt. Cause it happens like, you know what I mean? Or you're going to like, something's going to come up, then your do this are canceling. Like get like, Oh sorry. I woke up late. You know? And then they can't say anything to you because like, they want to keep you. I mean, I know how it works. I'm like,

Speaker 3 (30:38): I'm like, I'm like, Oh my kids are up here.

Paul (30:42): Right. And it's like, I just want to work out. Like, but I don't know. So it's cool that you guys have an app. This is an added program. You guys like this isn't like the normal, like you can add this on if you want, you know, this goes above and beyond the normal program that you are able to do. Um, which I didn't know about, which is really cool. I mean, I have, I have the regular program and I've seen some of this stuff, but it's cool that you're doing that as well. And you can get access to Jeff, which is crazy. I mean, that's you got 20 years of experience, plus he might put you on his podcast. You can be in his next video with him. Here we go. We'll shoot some, some training montages throws. You never have team America montage. I love Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I've always wanted to do like a, like a training montage video. Oh my God. You totally have to for your day. Awesome dude. You know, bad ass. That would be, that would blow up. Like seriously. People would remember that. Like we're going to,

Speaker 3 (31:39): You doing, doing some slots, give me like hitting. I'll be like punching meat in the freezer, you know? And then be like

Paul (31:48): Russian guy, if you like you all in your garage. Oh my garage. We're going to make it look like I'm going to get a smoke machine. So it looks like it's cold freezer. And that would have a big slab of meat. I'm gonna be punching it with no gloves on it's the eye of the tiger. If we're going to do this

Speaker 3 (32:04): And you gonna see me running

Paul (32:05): In a subdivision like, and these kids are chasing me on bikes and stuff like that. Like in Rocky one, I mean, we even have stairs in Arizona. Where are we going to go? I'm going to up a mountain and then I'm gonna go like this at the end. We're gonna have to get you like the yellow tank top and the little shorty shorts.

Speaker 3 (32:25): I call those the nineties,

Paul (32:28): Uh, your coach shorts from like, from sports coaches always wear those nasty shorts. Like why are you wearing? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. They have a name for that. I don't even know. But yeah. And then I have like a headband on stuff. Let's do it. I do that all day. This is like, if you, I don't know if you've watched any of my unboxings, but like, what we'll do is we'll be all the outtakes at the end, because at first my camera guy's like, do you care if I do that? I'm like, I don't care. Whatever. Like it's, it's real life, you know? But like, if you guys have to watch my, I love this video could still damn funny. He spent so much time on it. Like I have, my Daphne had covers one and at the end, like, you know, I had some outtakes, do you have to watch it?

Paul (33:09): So freaking funny, dude. He's like, and at one point, hear me say, yeah, bro, we have to totally do that. And then the next thing you know, I do a puppet show with Daphne's head covers and we're playing like, um, what was it called? Combat music. And I'm like fighting and stuff like that. And he's like, but he totally dumped it all in. And he made it look like a mortal combat game. Oh my God. It's so funny. He's like most time I spent on that and I'm like, I don't really care. That's hilarious. So here's a story. I'll tell you a story. So I was so nervous, right? Because I work with Jane, from Daphne Jane Spicer from Dabney head covers. And I was like, okay. So I made an unboxing video for you. Um, you know, I hope you like it. Cause I'm all nervous.

Paul (33:45): And you know, in case you guys don't know, like she does the tiger woods head cover that one back there. Like she invented that, right? Like social way. You didn't know that. No. Yeah dude do. She did. That's her thing. She Daphne's head cover started that like 25 years ago. And Tiger's mom bought it at a country club or some golf course in the eighties that she was just selling it. And that's how, and then Tyler has been carrying that on his bag, quote, unquote, the Frank, you know, forever. It's hers. Like Holy cow. I had no idea. I dunno. It was cool. Cause I'm like, I got this video. I'm really excited to show you. It's like show it to her and she's watching it. And I'm like so embarrassed the entire time. And then it gets to the Kung Fu the Kung Fu part of it.

Paul (34:26): And I'm like, Oh God, like I'll move all credibility right here. And then she does it and she's laughing so hard and she's like, this, this is awesome. I love it. I'm like, seriously. She's like, Oh this is so freaking cool. I'm like, Oh thank God. Like I'm like, I thought you hate it. She's like, no, like I really appreciate it. I was like, Oh my that's awesome. So now I'm like, I don't even care. Now if I can do puppet show, dude, whatever I'll be showing training montage is I want to do a Trey montage. I mean, so I don't know. I think people would be really good. So I took it like this, like the Paul show, Jeff interview me.

Paul (34:59): I want us to get on my podcast then [inaudible] Oh, your friend, wherever Kyle or his name was, I'd be like, Hey, make me a graphic of my, uh, 18 Strongs. And it was to me interviewing Jeff. I want to do that. I'm gonna be awesome. I should do having a hilarious, we cross breed that and be like, Hey man, who did this podcast? Um, that's a good question, Jeff. I stuck with golf. Yes. I like products. Um, no, sorry. So yeah. That's I found you probably two or three years ago and I was really impressed and actually what prompted me to finally reach out that's when I was like, Oh, this guy must be really like big. Right. But they'll probably reached out as I started seeing, like you interviewed some of the same people as I did and they're all good people. And I'm like, you know what? I'm going to reach out and say, Hey, I really like what you do as a fan. Remember that I texted you on Instagram. And I was like, yeah, I love what you're doing. It'd be cool to talk about our brands. That was it. That was it. Like, I didn't know, we'd become friends and I talk about, you know, all kinds of stuff, but

Jeff (35:59): Yeah. I mean, I think it was, you know, you mentioned that you're buddies with the guys over at true and you know, the guys at links link soul, and it's like, it's just kinda, it's such a small knit group. You know, the, the golf world actually is

Paul (36:11): It's so small people don't realize it. Like, yeah, like I did. You're just like me. I feel like with all the same. Cause we're like outsiders, right? We're not golf. We didn't grow up in golf. I mean, in the golf industry. Right. I didn't work for a big brand. I mean, I do, I'm a lawyer. I do this for fun. So like, you know, over the last three years I built a lot of good real friendship relationships. I could text fricking anybody right now and be like, Hey, what's going on? You know? I mean a case you guys don't know, like we're doing this big contest. And I mean, we have 53 brands giving stuff away. Like, all I do is ask like that was it. I didn't, I just asked him, said, Hey, do you want to participate? You know? And I mean, 53 brands, there's a lot of stuff working away.

Paul (36:51): Like boy, it's like almost close to 14 grand, I think in stuff. So it's still, I mean, I don't know going, gonna listen to this, but it ends on October 4th I think. Yeah. But it's going out. It's great. And I, all I do is ask people, Hey, can you give stuff away? Because it's been a crappy year and it's October, September, October, nothing's going on. It's kind of slowing down golf. But um, so what would you say to somebody if I was, you know, if I didn't know Jeff was, and I know 18 strong was like, and I found you the podcast, like where would you tell them to begin? I guess, you know, through your site, I'd say

Jeff (37:26): First thing is just go to 18 strong.com and you can kind of start browsing round. Um, you can get to our YouTube channel, you know, it depends on what you like to do. If you're a podcast listener, I mean, go, go check out the podcast. If you want some, some actual like video instruction, go check out our YouTube channel. We haven't put out any new, like, um, instructional videos in a while. We didn't put our, our podcast videos over there, but we've got a ton of videos over there. I've got a lot of 300 episodes worth. Yeah. And we've got, you know, we've got a ton of just, you know, if you want to know a little bit more about just some, some different exercises or important things to learn for your body, for your golf swing, you can go over there. Uh, but the,

Paul (38:08): Yeah, learn more, just like, you know, give a of free stuff away.

Jeff (38:12): And then, you know, if, if you want, um, we, we have, uh, I think we have a free trial running for our elite membership, which will kind of give you the backend of all of our programs. If you want to go in and check that out, you can do that. And if you need help, you know, with, if you know that you're in a spot where you need some help, you need some guidance. Obviously we've got our programs there on the training page, which we love to connect with new golfers. Even if you don't. I mean, shoot me an email, [email protected]. Do you have any questions, whatever we just love connecting with golfers that are kind of part of this community, kind of this, this mindset of, you know, getting in better shape to play better golf. And we want to do as much as we can to help whoever's out there.

Jeff (38:49): Um, you mentioned before that, you know, it's kind of a, a little bit more of a, the guys that were a little bit more focused on the guys, just because that's who we are. So we like talking the way that we like to talk much. Like you, it's just, we try to be as normal as, as we wouldn't know, you're just sitting there talking to us. So we've, we've gotten a couple of gals that ask if we have programs for them. And we have plenty of women that have gone through the golf body blueprint, the activate program, but like that RFG program, because it's a much more intense program and we know what guys are going through. We know the struggles that they have. We've kept that just to be a male oriented program. Yeah. It's not.

Paul (39:24): So there's just, there's nothing bad about that. I mean, that's just what it's been designed about because I mean, unfortunately like the demographic for golf is all male. I mean, it's majority male, right?

Jeff (39:36): It was really, it just like Dean Snell on the show.

Paul (39:38): And he was telling me to like, you know, every, all balls are made like somewhere with ball brand new buy, they're all going to go off the tee pretty much the same now at this point. So if it's a 20 hour balls, a $40 ball they'll go the same. He's like, but what really matters when it comes within the first, within a hundred yards, right? That's all that's on balls, really shine. Right. And that's when you need to figure out what ball you want. But I find that interesting because then it's like, it doesn't matter how far you hit the ball, because really you're going to give it that a hundred yards anyways. So I mean, I really be more accurate than the knot, but as I can be both, I want to be good at golf.

Jeff (40:12): I just want to look like Jeff

Paul (40:13): And hit the ball far. That's what I want to do. So listen guys, Jeff is the man. I think like I love what they're doing 18 strong. I think like for so many reasons, one, I think men need that. And I think they need to

Jeff (40:29): Women too. But I think mainly men in our age group

Paul (40:33): Need to have that blueprint or that way of getting their lives back on track, right. Their physical health. Um, and second of all, he puts

Jeff (40:43): Free content that if you said, look, I don't have a little bit of money. It's, you know, there's plenty of out there that he's teaching you, he's giving

Paul (40:50): Lots of his secrets, you know, for free. So this is more like the blueprint is to help people execute, I guess, a better way of saying it. Um,

Jeff (40:58): Well, one thing that we want to do is, you know, like some people think that they need to go see some fitness professional just to, to reach a goal. But we wanted to kind of spread the word that you can do this with just a little bit of effort. You can get better than where you are. And that's why we wanted to kind of be a louder voice than just me in the gym. You know, we didn't want to, I'm a meat head at the gym, do this. You guys, we didn't want this to be the Jeff Pelissero, you know, golf fitness program. Come see Jeff in st. Louis. We want it to be like, Hey, we know there's a lot of guys out there that maybe first of all, they don't, if they don't have time, they don't have the money to go see a, a golf, fitness, professional.

Jeff (41:36): I mean, that's a, you know, that's a pretty big commitment to go seek somebody out, go a couple times a week to that gym, as opposed to, you know, fitting it into your schedule, doing it on your own time, maybe doing it at home. So we wanted to provide some options where the regular guy that doesn't have a medical team or fitness team or a golf fitness professional in their area, they can get our programs. They can watch our YouTube channel and they can start at least making progress on their own. So that's kind of one, what we want to do is give these guys a little independence with their fitness and give them some hope that they can do this without having to go hire somebody. And it causes the same or does it actually less because that's way less. Because if you go get a trainer for a month, it's going to cost you way more than what it would by the blueprint. Right. I know cause Oh yeah.

Paul (42:24): 50 bucks an hour. If you're lucky, you might get down to 35. If that's like, you're buying in bulk, you're still spending a lot of money. Cause it'll be like, Oh yeah, buy 10 sessions or whatever. So, I mean, honestly, once you own it, you own it. Right. So it's like, if you go, well, you know, life got in the way and I wasn't able to achieve at this time.

Jeff (42:42): I mean, it's okay. But I mean, so once somebody signs up for whatever blueprint,

Paul (42:47): Like let's say you go and update that blueprint, they still have access to that blueprint even on the, at the updates. Or does that, would that be something that, yeah, just the right way of doing it.

Jeff (42:55): So right now, the way that it works is they, if they, if they get one of the blueprints, they get immediate access into it, they get the backend program and then they also get some PDs where they can print, print stuff out. It's like, you know, like I'm the kind of guy that I like to print out the tracking sheet. And I actually write on it. And I like that too. Some people love being able to do it on the app and things like that. So that's why we're working on that in the future. But yeah, once you get the blueprint, you've got the blueprint. Now, if you're on our continuity program, if you're in the membership because it's, you know, what is it, 29 bucks a month or something like that. So you can go and you have access to all of the different blueprints on that. That's the monthly. Yes.

Paul (43:31): It's weird. $60 a year for the entire year. And you have access to all the blueprints. That's, that's like one month of physical training with somebody, what, you know, you're not gonna use it all up. So I mean, that's a smoking deal.

Jeff (43:43): Yeah. Actually, actually for the year, I think we have it one week left. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. I mean,

Paul (43:51): And you're not doing this. You should just look at least check it out. And if you want to do it, I mean, here it is what October, let's just call it October. Right? Since almost October,

Jeff (43:59): Like holidays are common. I mean, you're going to get fat. This has to be real. I know like, you know, I looked at my now's the time man, time, right? 12 weeks. I mean, 12 weeks, you'll be skinny. It'd be a buffing skinning. You're like, now

Paul (44:13): You can eat that you'll log or whatever you want to do.

Jeff (44:16): I don't know. He likes the bag dog. How about that? Um, but no, I mean, you guys need to check out, um,

Paul (44:32): I'm a fan. I've been a fan for a couple of years. I finally got kind of a Jeff. I really do appreciate you coming on the show. Cause you did. I mean, this is cool. Cause I don't know. I never had another person like you before on the show. I think I'm on the podcast

Jeff (44:48): That knows that he's doing it. Has, it has a fancy mic and the same headphones

Paul (44:53): You guys like before this show, I was like, what Mike, is that, is that an ATR 2100? He's like, yeah. I'm like I got to. And then I'm like, what earphones are those? He's like, what is it? I don't even remember.

Jeff (45:05): Yep.

Paul (45:06): Yeah. Those two I'm like, we must look at there's a Google together because I found the exact same stuff, but I don't know. Well, thank you for being on the show today. I had a ton of fun. Actually. This is like one of the best podcasts I've had for awhile. I mean, fun like laughing actually I'll wait podcast kinda like this, but this is actually fun because I'm laughing a lot more and um, but you guys need to check out 18 strong.com. Cool name, obviously. Uh, great products, lot of good free information. If you want check out like his programs, definitely do it. If you want rewind, if you want access to Jeff, which I learned about this today, you know, he should do his new program. I'm in a small mastermind group, which is really cool. And um, yeah, so that's me.

Jeff (45:52): You have me and I love what you're doing here. I love, I love the platform. I love the, you know, love the connecting with all the different brands and getting to see behind the different companies, the people behind them. Cause there are, there's so many good, cool personalities and so many cool stories

Paul (46:07): On every episode listening today. And thanks Jeff for being on the show and you guys need to go 18 strong. Jeff is the man and he's buff and Yuba. So check out 18 strong 18 strong.com. And he's a good dude. I mean, since you can tell, like he's cool. Right? So just check them out. And I think you'll be happy if you're trying to get your fitness goals and your life goals in place. So see you guys in the next episode.

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