Odyssey Toulon Putter Review

In 2018, the Odyssey Toulon line of putters expanded to nine distinct head designs with multiple variations of each model. Golf Digest gave both the blade and mallet head designs a Gold Rating in their 2018 Hot List.

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Odyssey Toulon San Diego Putter W/Ss Slim 2.0 Grip Right 34

Utilizing the very best materials, technology and design, Toulon putters have been touted as the best on the market with comparisons made to the likes of Scotty Cameron. If you’re a player of any ability looking for a customizable putter with cutting-edge technology and design, you won’t find anything better than a putter from the Odyssey Toulon line.

Key Features

  • Deep Diamond Milling in the face channels vibration at impact; providing unmatched feel, sound, and stability for greater control.

  • Small grooves inside each of the precision-milled diamonds promote forward roll helping the ball stay on line.

  • All nine head designs include adjustable weights, lengths, and hosel options allowing for maximum customization.


Odyssey Toulon Putter Detailed Review

Design and Technology

When Sean Toulon left Taylormade in 2015 to start his own putter company, big name manufacturers took notice. Less than a year after his departure, Odyssey recruited Toulon and made him their Senior Vice President in Charge of Putters. The strategic partnership has proven fruitful as evidenced by the Toulon putter line that has again reaffirmed Odyssey’s reputation as a premier putter manufacturer.

The faces on all Toulon putters are made of soft 303 stainless steel and are milled with Deep Diamond grooves that promote soft feel and sound providing golfers with optimal feel and control. Numerous independent studies comparing Toulon putters to other milled putters on the market show that Toulon putters consistently minimize vibration felt in the hands at impact affording players more precise distance control.

The Deep Diamond milled face also features small grooves inside each diamond to promote forward roll. While other milled putters deliver a pleasant feel and sound, those lacking any kind of groove pattern are prone to the skid effect at impact leading to inconsistent putts. The grooves on Toulon putters get the ball rolling quickly off the face helping it to stay on line and consistently travel the desired distance.
More than any other high-end putter on the market, the Toulon line of putters is customizable. Nine different head designs are all available with interchangeable weighted sole plates, lengths, hosel designs, and counterbalance options of both Moderate Release and Aggressive Release. While so many customizable options may seem overwhelming at first glance, a proper fitting from a certified Odyssey dealer is sure to produce a putter that is the perfect match for any golfer.

Odyssey Toulon Putter

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  • Deep Diamond face milling affords optimal feel and sound for increased stability and control
  • Grooves in the face get the ball rolling quickly and straight reducing the skid effect
  • Nine different head designs with custom options available in length, weight, and hosel design provide


  • Cost may be a limiting factor for some players as Toulon putters are more expensive than others
  • Some players have said the mallet head designs are too busy which can be an issue
  • Players that do not go through an expert fitting may end up with a putter that is not the best fit for them
Build Quality
Control and Performance
Design and Appearance

Odyssey Toulon Putter


Toulon putters come in four mallet head designs (Atlanta, Memphis, Portland, and Indianapolis) and five blade designs (Austin, Columbus, Long Island, Madison, and San Diego) all available in right- and left-handed configurations. All putters come in lengths ranging from 33 to 38 inches in ½-inch increments, with a standard lie angle of 70 degrees and a loft of three degrees. Twelve different hosel designs include the single bend, double bend, center shaft, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, and H9 that are available in specific and in some cases multiple head models. Adjustable weighted sole plates are available in 7, 20, and 40 grams allowing blade models to range in head weights from 350 grams to 383 grams and mallet head weights from 360 grams to 400 grams. To view all head designs and their customizable options click here.


The Odyssey Toulon putter line is paving the way in high-end putter design. Incorporating the latest in technology and design, Toulon putters offer golfers the very best in quality, performance, and customization. With so many variations in length, weight, hosel, and head design, there is surely a Toulon putter that will fit your stroke.

Odyssey Toulon Putter Video Review


How Does the Odyssey Toulon Putter Compare?

Odyssey O-Works Putter

The Odyssey O-Works Putter is one of the hottest putters on the market. Building on the success of the O-Works line released in 2017, Odyssey has released the O-Works Black line along with six new models in the O-Works Red line in 2018. O-Works putters have long been the #1 putter on tours worldwide and the newest members of the O-Works family are already proving their mettle with multiple wins around the globe. Utilizing cutting edge technology in classic head designs that have stood the test of time, the new Black and Red models received Gold Ratings on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List for both mallet and blade putters. If you’re a player of any skill level that has used one of Odyssey’s iconic heads in the past or is simply looking for consistent performance and feel on the greens, the Odyssey O-Works Putter is the club for you.

  • Unmatched Roll with our New Micro hinge Face Insert
  • New color options with traditional black and alternative Red
  • New Tour Proven head shapes for a wide range of player profiles


Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter

The Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter is one of the most beautifully crafted putters today. When Cleveland introduced the latest version of the TFI 2135 in 2017 they knew they were on to something. Still touting the cutting-edge sightline found in previous models, the latest TFI 2135 Satin line incorporates new materials and technology making it one of the most well-built and functional putters on the market. Golf Digest gave the TFI 2135 Satin line a Silver Rating on their 2017 Hot List. With five different head designs, this latest line of putters gives players a multitude of options when choosing the best putter for them. Players of all abilities can benefit from design features and technology in the TFI 2135 putter line to make more putts.

  • Optimized face milling
  • Polymer TPU insert
  • Optimal alignment


Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter is one of the hottest putters on the market. The Cleveland Huntington Beach received the Gold Rating on the 2017 Golf Digest Hot List, because it truly brings together the very best in science and artistry to help golfers make more putts and shoot lower scores. With nine different head designs in the Huntington Beach Series allow players more options for customization than any other line of putters on the market. The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach provides the absolute best in feel, forgiveness, and consistency. If you’re a player looking for the best in putter design, technology, and customization at a reasonable price, one of the putters in the Huntington Beach line of putters is surely right for you.

  • Precision Milled Face For Softer Feel And More Consistent Roll
  • Made From Soft 304 Stainless Steel
  • Tour-Proven Shapes


Should You Buy the Odyssey Toulon Putter?

The success and popularity of the Toulon putter line is undeniable. Made from the very best materials and featuring a state-of-the-art Deep Diamond milled face, Toulon putters are leading the way in 2018. If you’re a player looking for optimal performance with an endless variety of options to choose from, one of the Toulon putters is sure to see you make more putts and shoot lower scores.


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