Lansbrook Golf Club

6846 yrd

Lansbrook Golf Club is one of the aforementioned, Ron Garl’s finer works. 

Nestled amongst centuries old Cypress trees, there’s an air of southern gentility to be found at Lansbrook. 

No two holes parallel each other.  Water comes into play on 16 holes.  Short and straight is better than long and crooked. 

If you happen to hit one in the water, keep your eyes open.  Alligators make frequent appearances, but usually keep their distance. 

Here again, the variety of holes this track boasts are both fun and challenging.  Chances are you’ll get to hit every club in your bag. 

Locals say this is one the most underrated rounds anywhere in the Tampa area.

Lansbrook Golf Club

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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