George Wright Golf Course

6714 yrd

Owned and operated by the city of Boston, George Wright Golf Course has been around since 1938. 

Designed by none other than Donald Ross, this course continues to be a pinnacle of public golf in the area to this day.  In 2009 Golf Digest called it the “Best Municipal Course in Massachusetts”. 

Even though the course isn’t long, it demands smart strategy and sound ball striking.  The fairways are narrow and the greens small. 

Once you get to the greens, make sure you err to the fat part of the green and stay below the hole.  The kiss of death is being above the hole or short sided on your approach.

A blast to play, it’s no wonder locals are proud to call George Wright home.

George Wright Golf Course

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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