Best Callaway Golf Shoes for 2022

It’s pretty common for golfers to usually start playing their first few rounds of golf sporting the same shoes they wear day to day. While tennis shoes are perfectly fine to start with, as your skills progress the impact of a good pair of golf shoes can make a difference. Finding golf shoes that provides a blend of comfort and stability gives you the ability to play with confidence. Good golf shoes firs will give you comfort to wear it for a game of 18 holes, stability, traction and grip.

High quality golf shoes will have all this with improved technology and innovations. Well known golf shoes are made from quality materials such as premium leather and have waterproof ability. Nowadays there are many styles of golf shoes to choose. The golf companies offer great variety of golf shoes for every type of player. If you are looking for a high-quality golf shoes that comes from one of the best golf manufactures, you should check out Callaway’s golf shoe lineup.

Reviews of the Best Callaway Golf Shoes

Below we have described and reviewed ten of the best Callaway Golf Shoes on the market today. 

Callaway Coronado Golf Shoes

The Callaway Coronado has to be one of the most comfortable and breathable golf shoes available on the market today. These Callaway golf shoes are the perfect blend of weather protection and air circulation, it is achieved with lightweight microfiber leather and mesh liners. The Callaway golf shoes offer great comfort from heel to toe. These Callaway golf shoes features Velcro like grip to the ground, with their aggressive and stable spikes they offer perfect grip. These are one of the best Callaway golf shoes .

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Callaway La Jolla Golf Shoes

Clean lines with a soft-color scheme allow the golf shoes Callaway La Jolla to be a sleekly styled shoe. These golf shoes are packed with comfort and barriers for wet conditions. One unique feature is the added Slim-Lok cleats, which have a thinner profile to sit closer to the ground. These Callaway golf shoes features lowered stance that helps improve your power and swing stability, allowing players to feel completely confident in their shots.

Callaway Swami 2.0 Golf Shoes

While the Callaway Swami 2.0 golf shoes means business on the course, don’t confuse it with business attire. Weatherproof, full-grain leather is durable and comfortable while it keeps that subtle striped style. This Callaway golf shoes features spikeless outsole which is set with multi-directional control grips that help dig into the ground. The only flaw about these Callaway golf shoes is that you might forget to change out of them when you head back into the office.

Callaway Highland Golf Shoes

If your style is more sporty, then the Callaway Highland golf shoes are the perfect design for you. Constructed with a waterproof treated mesh material, these golf shoes provide protection and style. Low profile lugs along the underside grip the ground but allow flexibility for extra comfort.

Callaway Lagrange Golf Shoes

If you are the type of player that is looking for a solid foundation from superior support, look no further than the Callaway Larange golf shoes. A full-grain, waterproof exterior provides style and protection from any condition. These Callaway golf shoes features fusionLite outsole that has 9 removable Tornado spike that are built for extreme durability and grip on every surface.

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Callaway Skyline Golf Shoes

If you want the best of both worlds, leather and mesh, the Callaway golf shoes Calla Skyline offers just that. Waterproof materials provide you with style and protection from the elements. From afar this Callaway golf shoes looks like a classic leather design, but looking closely you’ll see the integrated mesh. The Skyline does feature Callaway golf spikeless design, allowing the player to have more flexibility while feeling great.

Callaway Women’s Pacifica Golf Shoes

When you are having to walk a round of golf, you definitely want to have lightweight golf shoes to stay comfortable. The Callaway Pacifica golf shoes makes that possible with its lightweight microfiber material that is also waterproof. These Callaway golf shoes for women allow to fully focus on their swing with the spikeless lugs gripping the ground in multiple directions. This stability and traction will bring your golf game to another level.

Callaway Chev SL Golf Shoes

If you’re more the budget type of golfer, the Callaway Chev SL golf shoes are definitely the way to go. It’s a fraction of the price compared to Callaway’s other designs, but the quality is still top notch. These simple golf shoes Callaway designed allows breathability and heat management through its mesh liner. Despite its low price, it does come with Callaway’s spikeless outsole, giving players a firm grip on any surface.

Callaway Balboa Vent Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are important to a player but can be an inconvenience for a multitude of reasons. The Callaway Balboa Vent golf shoes have broken that stigma with a spikeless design that doesn’t lose grip. These golf shoes features an innovative rubber outsole design provides increased flexibility as you rotate through your swing for complete confidence. These Callaway golf shoes design focuses completely on comfort and breathability therefore, it has no moisture protection, so be sure to stick with dry conditions. One of the best summer golf shoes Callaway has ever made.

Callaway Women’s Halo Sl Golf Shoes

Most women not only want to play good, but they also want to look good as well. The Callaway Halo SL golf shoes are a spikeless design that are fashionable and comfortable for any weekend golfer. Underneath lies multidirectional traction control lugs that grasp the ground in every direction. This layout prevents slips and allows them to dig in for extra stability, giving you a confident swing. One of the best golf shoes Callaway has made for women.

About Callaway Golf

There’s a reason behind the fact that Callaway sells more golf clubs than any other firm in the industry. Even though the company started in 1986, the true moment where Callaway made a statement was with the release of their Big Bertha driver in 1991. By the late 1990’s, Callaway’s sales had risen to more than $800 million. Ely Callaway was determined to run his business until the day he died and that’s exactly what he did. After years of innovative adjustments and designs, he finally passed away from cancer in 2001.

Why Wear a Callaway Golf Shoe

Being one of the top golf equipment companies doesn’t happen overnight. Consistently presenting innovative and high-performance golf equipment is an ongoing challenge. It demands a profound understanding of who plays the game and what is needed to be the “next best thing”. Callaway has deep roots in resources, insight, vision and overall commitment to be the best. Callaway doesn’t follow the leader, they are the leader when it comes to the best in golf shoes.

Callaway Golf Shoes Video Review


Callaway is a superb golf company and continues to be on the leaderboard for new technology. Their golf shoes are made with high quality materials for excellent performance and comfort so you can play your best golf. If you want a golf shoes that will not only work for you but bring your golf game to the next level, be sure to check out Callaway best golf shoes right away.


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