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Best Golf Cart Covers for 2020

Not everyone is blessed to have space in their garage for a golf cart, keeping it safe from the daily elements.  Suffering through rain, humidity, snow and sunlight exposure can be detrimental to the quality. Different materials can be damaged such as the paint, fabric and even the glass ...

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Best Sun Sleeves for 2020

With spending so much time on the course in direct sunlight, it’s crucial to your health to have sun protection.  While the sun might be the best supplier of vitamin D, it also provides sunburns, sweaty skin and many other discomforts.  Not wearing the proper sun protection gear can lead ...

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Best Golf Practice Nets for 2020

Ever just wanted to hit some balls but not make the long trip all the way to the driving range?  If you’re an avid golfer and want to have the option to hit a few balls whenever you please, we have the best solution for you.  No need to hit plastic wiffle balls or worry about causing ...

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Best Golf Socks for 2020

Golfing is one of those sports where staying comfortable is an absolute necessity, having the wrong fitting gear and equipment can impact your game greatly.  With so many different items a player needs it can be easy to forget about the smaller yet impactful pieces. Socks are one of those ...

Buyers Guide
Best Golf Grip Tape for 2020

All the time spent on the range, the course and your short game is only helpful when you get a good grip of your club.  Players use their clubs for years and don’t realize how much wear and tear their grip has taken. If your club doesn’t have a secure grip, then your golf game is going to ...

Best Sun Mountain Golf Bags for 2020

Your golf bag is one of the most important pieces of golf equipment you own.  Sure, it might not cure your slice like that new shaft you put in your driver.  But, it’s specific functionality makes the process of playing and enjoying the game that much easier.  Let’s face it, there are different ...

Best Yoga DVD For Golfers for 2020

If you’ve been around the game of golf long enough, you’ve probably heard of players that do yoga.  Your buddies say it’s good for their game but, you’re just not quite buying it. As far as your concerned, yoga is for younger people with the flexibility of a rubber band.  And that ...

Best Lob Wedges for 2020

Lob wedges have recently become ubiquitous in golfer’s bags. These high lofted wedges make hitting high launching, shot landing shots easier. Many players have adopted these clubs are their go-to wedge for greenside bunkers when attacking difficult pins.Finding a lob wedge that matches your swing ...

Over 45 of the Best Golf Gifts for this Holiday Season

Golfers Authority Christmas Golf Gift Hot List! Looking for the best golf gifts, special offers? Then look no further to our shortlist of the Best Golf Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019 Enter the $4,000+ Giveaway Golf Gifts With the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about ...

Best Odyssey Putters for 2020

Odyssey putters dominate putter sales and on global golf tours. Since the start of 2018, Odyssey putters have been responsible for over 65 wins. Then next nearest competitor has 45, a discrepancy of over 30%. If you are looking for you next putter and you have found yourself contemplating going ...

Best Wilson Golf Balls for 2020

Your golf ball is the most important piece of equipment. After all, it is the one thing you use on every single shot of your round. Having a ball that gives you the right feel, distance, control, and confidence is key to you unlocking your potential and playing your best golf. Also having a golf ...

Best Chromax Golf Balls for 2020

The variety of golf balls on today’s market can be overwhelming. There are tour balls, but should everyone play the same ball as the world’s top players? What about seniors, ladies, or junior golfers? There are so many balls that promise increased distance, soft feel, or increased playability, ...

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