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Best Golf Club Groove Sharpeners for 2020

The envy of every golfer is to be able to stop their approach shots like the pros we watch on television. Those crisp wedges that either take two hops and stop on a dime or land past the hole and spin back to tap-in range mesmerize us and cause us to lose sleep at night. How the heck do us mere ...

Best Callaway Drivers

Callaway remains one of the top golf brands in the metalwood department. Driver sales especially have driven Callaway to the top since the release of the Epic driver several seasons ago. Since then every Callaway driver has produce industry leaving performance and many players looking to save ...

Best Golf Swing Plane Trainers

If there’s one universal truth in golf (there aren’t many), it’s that no two golf swings are the same.  When you think of swings like Jim Furyk, Lee Trevino, Jim Thorpe and Arnold Palmer, the motions couldn’t be more contradictory.  Even though the game’s greats get it done any number of ...

Best Putter Grips

When you think about the best putters in the history of golf, names like Woods, Crenshaw, Nicklaus, Stockton, and Seve come to mind.  What these great putters all have in common is, not much other than winning a lot of majors and being in the Hall of Fame.  The truth is, they all went ...

Best Golf Grip for Small Hands

If there’s one fundamental in golf that you have to get correct, it’s your grip. After all, it’s your hands that are your only true connection to the golf club. If your grip is anything but sound, it’s going to be hard to make solid contact and play your best golf consistently.While having a ...

Best Golf Rangefinders with Slope

The invention of golf rangefinders has forever changed the way we play golf.  Unless you’re playing in competition where they’re prohibited, there’s no longer room for any excuses about bad yardages.  The quality rangefinders of today are so accurate, they measure distances to within a ...

Best Golf Towels

Any golfer knows that if you’re going to play your best, you have to take care of your equipment.  Even though that sounds like a no-brainer, there’s actually a healthy amount of work that goes into it.  Your clubs need to be properly fitted.  Your grips need to be fresh.  Your ...

Best Straw Golf Hats

Despite all that is wonderful about the game, how often do you stop to think about how important it is to protect yourself from the elements?  Specifically, the sun?  Maybe you’re diligent about putting sunscreen on to protect your skin.  But, what about your headwear?  Does it ...

Best Fairway Woods for 2020

Getting the right fairway wood or woods into your golf bag is a very difficult thing to do. It helps to go and test different models for yourself and have a professional club fitter assist you along the way. This Guide will you understand some of the critical differences of the most advanced ...

Best Fairway Woods for 2019

Top 10 Best Fairway Woods   Top 10 Best Fairway Woods Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood The Callaway Epic Flash fairway wood is our pick for best fairway wood of 2019. The Callaway Epic Flash uses the same wave pattern Flash Face that the Epic Flash driver uses. ...

Best Golf Ball Cleaner

Have you ever been on the course during a great round with the same dirty golf ball only to walk up and discover that is was muddy, gross and perhaps unsalvageable? Make sure that won’t happen again with these Best Golf Ball Cleaners. Top 10 Best Golf Ball Cleaners Features to Look for ...

Best Golf Belts for 2020

When you think about belts that stand out, the first thing that comes to mind is rodeo. Broncs, bucks, and belt buckles are the name of the game. If you’ve ever been to a rodeo in person, it’s not just the cowboys that have customized belt buckles big enough to eat a steak off of. It’s darn near ...

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