Best Odyssey Putter To Buy

Odyssey putters dominate sales for recreational players and are the choice of many Pros. Since the start of 2018, they’ve been in the bags of 65 winners. The nearest competitor accounts for 45 wins. That’s a discrepancy of over 30%. If you’re looking for your next putter, and find yourself contemplating going with an Odyssey, you’re in great company. This article will help you find the best Odyssey putter for your game.

This year is set to be one of Odyssey’s greatest ever. They’re releasing some of the best Odyssey putter for a player (anything but this sentence). It would not be hyperbole to state that Odyssey spends more money on innovation than any other putting brand in the world. New offerings from Odyssey’s Stroke Lab use shaft innovation to create a more stable from of precise weight distribution. The EXO line, released in 2018, has groundbreaking forgiveness and will be expanded to include new shaft and model offerings. Toulon, a premium sub-brand of Odyssey, is releasing a deep diamond milling that ensures uniform

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Top 5 Best Odyssey Putters


Best Overall
Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter
  • Stroke Lab shaft provides better control compared to standard putter shafts
  • Tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams
  • Stoke Labs unique new method of weight distribution
Best Feel
Odyssey Exo #7 S Putter
  • Maximum forgiveness from multi-material construction
  • Legendary White hot feel and immediate roll
  • Face balanced and toe hang options
Best Control
Odyssey Black Putters, #2 Wide, Superstroke Slim 2.0
  • Unmatched Roll with our New Micro hinge Face Insert
  • New color options with traditional black and alternative Red
  • New Tour Proven head shapes for a wide range of player profiles
Most Accurate
Odyssey Men's Toe Up #9 Putter
  • Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting
  • Metal-X face for a perfectly flat face and a chemical etching to add the oval roll
  • Superstroke flat so grip with counter core
Great Value
Odyssey Toulon San Diego Putter W/Ss Slim 2.0 Grip
  • Classic blade design head
  • Grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms
  • Loft angle at three degrees


When Do You Use A Putter?

Using your putter on the greens is intuitive. Golfers can also see perfromance improvements when they opt for their putters from off the greens in place of their wedges. Some lies on bare ground or in short grasses make it difficult to strike a wedge and golfers can achieve a shot that stops closer to the hole by using their putters.


Finding the Best Putter Your Golf Game

Within the Odyssey brand there are so many models, colorways, and hosel configurations it can be difficult knowing which model is right for you. Keep in mind that differences in looks of each putter lead to different performance characteristics as well. Matching your favorite shapes to your stroke is the surest way to ensure that you give yourself the best chance to hole more putts.



Odyssey does an amazing job of catering to golfers of all style preferences and budgets. Odyssey putter can be bought brand new at prices as little as $109. Toulon custom options can be completely designed from scratch to suit the golfer’s eyes, color preferences, and stroke types and can cost over $800. No matter what you have to spend you can get a putter that improves your game.


Top Putter Features

Aspects of the best Odyssey putter designs share commonalities that allow them to help golfers get the ball rolling on the green and into the hole. The grip of you putter is important as it is the only connection you will have to the club. The head shape and toe hang will determine its’ performance as you swing the putter around your putting arc. The shaft length of your putter helps you set up you posture and created a natural pendulum from your shoulders and arms. Getting these things right is paramount when fitting your next putter.

Top Putter Features
Golf putter features. Source


Best Golf Putter Grips

Since the grip is the only thing connecting you to your club, it is important that you feel comfortable with the model that is installed on your putter. Grips come in several shapes, sizes, and weights to help golfers dial in their exact feel.

Traditional putter grips utilize taper designs and give golfers precise movement over their putter head. These grips offer the most control during the stroke and elite golfers often prefer these more conventional designs. These grips come in a variety of sizes to help give golfers the traditional feel and taper with the added benefit of larger grips.

Non-taper grips such as SuperStroke putter grips help golfers improve their strokes by minimizing the influence of their hands and wrists. By helping to alleviate these moving parts, these grips help golfers simplify their putting motion and help improve distance control.

Counterbalance grips are shaped similar to non-taper grips but have weight cartridges built into them to help golfers offset the weight of their putter heads. By offsetting the club head mass, a more pronounced pendulum effect is created and golfers can hit the ball closer to their intended lines.

Best Golf Putter Head Shape

Putter head shapes are traditionally broken down into three primary groups. Blade putters offer narrow bodies and simple alignment aids. Mallet styles off the most forgiveness and bold alignment lines. Perimeter weighted models try and blend the beauty of bladed putter with the forgiveness of mallet designs and suit the eyes of many golfers.

Blade putters have historically been the most popular head design. Odyssey putters such as the #1, #1W, and #2 fall into this category of putters. These putters offer square designs that help golfers aim their club behind the golf ball.

Mallet putters are much larger and can offer more forgiveness than bladed style putters. The Odyssey 2-Ball is the most popular mallet putter design. These alignment features of the 2-Ball design allow golfers to understand exactly where their club face is pointing and hit more accurate putts. In addition to alignment benefits, the 2-Ball design offers the most forgiveness in the entire Odyssey line-up.

The Odyssey #7 is the most popular model of putter played on Worldwide golf tours. These perimeter weighted putters utilize wing-shaped flanges to pull weight behind the putter face and increase the performance and forgiveness of the putter. Golfers who prefer looking at a blade but want the added performance gains of mallet style designs will gravitate toward these putters and the #7 specifically.

Odyssey Putters
Golf putter heads. Source


Best Golf Putter Shaft Length

After choosing your putter head shape and grip. It is important to understand the role the shaft plays in your putter. A properly fit putter should sit flush to the ground and position your eyes directly over the golf ball.

Stock Odyssey putters are available in lengths of 33, 34, and 35-inches long but can be custom ordered in half-inch increments between 32 and 36.5-inches. Ensuring your putter allows you to stand in a natural posture with your eyes in the correct position down to the one-half-inch is invaluable when it comes to your performance. Do not simply accept the models on the stock room floor as your only option. Your best putter is one built specifically to your body and your golf swing.

Odyssey Putter Length
Golf putter length. Source


Best Golf Putter Faces and Inserts

Odyssey is maybe most known for their advance performing inserts and face technology. The Microhinge face insert available in the O-Works line from Odyssey makes getting the ball rolling on its line easier. By turning the ball more quickly over itself, the Microhinge face can help you achieve a forward roll faster. This insert also provides one of the softest and most luxurious feels in golf.

For golfers who enjoy the responsiveness of firmer feeling putters, the Deep Diamonded Milled face of the Toulon putters has performance packed into a premium design. The 100% milled face of new Toulon putters offer sound and vibration dampening through its small groove and diamond pattern.


Best Golf Putter Shafts and Hosels

How the shaft of the putter interacts with the club head is called the hosel. The shape of the putter hosel creates an angle of toe flow that helps match specific putters to golfer’s arc styles. Strong arc players will need more toe flow while golfers that have a more neutral, straight arc will need less toe flow or facebalanced options.


Best Types of Golf Putters

Types of Putters
Facebalanced putter offer the least amount of face rotation during the putting stroke. Many mallet style putters are available in facebalanced options. Putter like the #7, and Marksmen both offer hosel designs that offer ultimate forgiveness and straight arc matches.

Putters like the #1 and #2 blade styles offer golfers more toe hang. No matter what arc style you have and what your visual preferences are Odyssey has a putter that can be fit to your game. As an added tool, Odyssey provides an interactive online putter fitting tool that helps golfers find their ideal club head and hosel configurations.

When examining putters at your local course or pro shop, you can crudely measure the toe hang of various models by holding them in your hand with the club face extended past your palm. When the club head is help in suspension at rest, the angle the face hangs is indicative of its’ toe hang. Minimal toe hang putters will point toward the sky and maximum toe hang models will point almost perpendicularly from the ground.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about putter you are not alone. The importance of putter fitting cannot be overstated and we have provided some of the most common questions and answers golfers have about their putter below.


Q: How do I know which golf putter is best for me?

A: Your best putter has a club head and hosel shape matched to your arc type. The shaft length of that putter is built so that your eyes are directly over the golf ball and you can make a natural arm swing motion. The grip should be comfortable in your hand and promote whichever putter hold you choose to use.


Q: What is the most important factor to consider when buying a putter?

A: Budget, face firmness, and performance are often the most important factors golfers cling to when choosing putters. In addition to choosing a head shape, shaft length, and grip that fits your swing. You need to feel comfortable looking at the putter. Alignment should be easy and you should enjoy the sound and feel when you strike your putts.

Q: When should I use a putter from off the green?

A: Using your putter off the greens is player specific. Many golfers can find themselves saving shots when they use their putters from the fringes and short grasses. A poor putt will typically end up closer to the hole than a poor wedge shot. Depending on your confidence with your wedges, hitting short shots with your putter more could be your best option.

Q: Should I switch putters if I’m not putting well?

A: Switching putters to help golfers spark a change in their short game is a common tactic used by weekend golfers and touring professionals alike. Different shapes and colors can inspire changes in both golfer’s confidence and performance. Testing a variety of different putter models can help you choose what fits your eye the most.

Top 5 Best Odyssey Putters


1. Odyssey Toulon Putter


The Odyssey Toulon Putter is the premium putter offering from Odyssey. Sean Toulon has taken a new approach to designing ultra-high-end putters for all golfers. Unique shapes and advanced technology combine to give golfers the best of sound, feel, and performance. A Deep Diamond Milled face, 303 stainless steel, and interchangeable sole plates give golfers their perfect fit and exceptional roll on the greens. Toulon putters stand out because of their perfect architechure and performance and offer golfers the best money can buy.


2. Odyssey O-Works Putter


The Odyssey O-Works Putter is the putter offing for the masses. Availble in all the shapes offered from Odyssey, the O-Works is built to fit every golfer. Microhinge inserts act to help the golf ball begin its roll more quickly and track more closely to its start direction. This integrated roll technology helps golfer hole more putts and gain confidence on undulating greens.
  • Unmatched Roll with our New Micro hinge Face Insert
  • New color options with traditional black and alternative Red
  • New Tour Proven head shapes for a wide range of player profiles


3. Odyssey Toe Up Putter


The Odyssey Toe Up Putter is for the golfer who loves the Odyssey feel but needs help with thier putting stroke. The Toe Up design moves weight into the toe to create a Stroke Balanced club face that helps golfers square the putter more easily. Golfers may find the appearance of the Toe Up design stark, but should test these models as they offer unique performance advantages over traditionally weighted blade and mallet shapes.
  • Stroke balanced for more consistency: we've engineered our stroke balanced Technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting, so you can keep the putter on line
  • Precision crafted Metal-X face for a pure roll: with our tour-proven Metal-X face, we've used a fly cut to make the face perfectly flat and a chemical etching to add the oval roll Technology, which leads to a pure roll. Perfect, down to the last detail
  • Superstroke flat so grip with counter core Technology: the toe up comes Standard with the SuperStroke flat so 1.0 grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms


4. Odyssey EXO White Hot Putter


The Odyssey EXO Putters is the most complex putter Odyssey has ever made. By using a full chassis of multi-material engineering Odyssey has created a putter that is precisely weighted to give golfers the ultimate in putting performance. By concentrating the heavier parts of the putter in the perimeter, EXO offers enhanced stability and more consistent ball speeds for better control and accuracy. Golfers wanting to sacrifice nothing in putting performance will look no further than the EXO lineup from Odyssey and Callaway.
  • Maximum forgiveness from multi-material construction
  • Legendary White hot feel and immediate roll
  • Face balanced and toe hang options


5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter


New for 2019, Callaway and Odyssey have released the familiar Number 7 shape putter with Stroke Lab Technology. Stroke Lab uses a multi-material shaft to move more weight into the hands of the golfer and into the putter head. This redistribution of weight creates a more stable pendulum effect that has been shown to improve consistency and putting performance. Already gaining traction on WorldWide golfing tours, Stroke Lab is quickly making traditional steel shafted putters as outdated as steel shafted drivers. Combined with the ultra-forgiving and easy to align Number 7 shape from Odyssey, the Stroke Lab #7 Putter is at the top of the list for must-try putters this season.
  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters incorporate a unique new method of weight distribution, led by the innovative new Stroke Lab shaft to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke.
  • The tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams* that’s relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics.
  • The Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for to better control the slightly heavier head.


What Putter Should You Buy?

When considering your next putter, many golfers will find themselves looking at the Odyssey brand. Many of these models are available to test at your local courses and pro shops. Getting these into your hands and hitting some putts is the best way to know which models inspire your best putting.

Worldwide wins translate to tour feedback and advanced technology being incorporated into every putter Odyssey from Callaway produces. Toulon, EXO, and StrokeLabs are largely cited as the best range of putter technology available within one manufacturer’s offering. Because Odyssey offers so many models at a wide range of prices, there is a model for every golfer.

No one putter is right for every golfer and that is why Callaway and Odyssey put such a strong emphasis on being fit for your putter. They provide thousands of custom order options to ensure that your putter is built specifically for your swing, giving players options on what is the best Odyssey putter for you. Whether you are buying your next putter or retrofitting your current gamer, ensuring that it is optimized for your arc style can lead to lower scores. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our Odyssey and Toulon putter reviews for more information on these industry-leading golf clubs.


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I’ve had the RXO 7, the EXO Indianapolis and just couldn’t putt with them, my lines were always of a bit. Now I game the Odyssey Stoke Lab 7 and you’d have to pry out of my cold dead hand…


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