Best Irons For The Money

Getting the right set of irons involves building golf clubs that fit your swing. Many modern irons are not too distant from models that were released more than five seasons prior. By selecting second-hand irons or prior generation models, golfers can often save hundreds of dollars on their golf equipment and improve their game.

Golf irons usually contains from 7 to 9 irons with the wedges. The golf irons have numbers for identifications that refer to the loft and angels they have. Irons can be forged irons and blade irons it depends how they are made. Usually they have graphite shaft and steel shaft option.

Set of irons contains lengthy irons, middle size irons and short irons. Long irons are from 2 to 4 iron and they have lowest lofts and longest shafts. Some golf players remove 3 iron and 4 iron and replace it with hybrids.

Mid irons are 5 to 7 iron they are generally used from fairway and for the second shot. Short irons are 8 and 9 they have the highest mass clubheads and the shortest shafts. Complete and best golf irons will allow you to play your best golf and fully enjoy on the golf course with your golf clubs. All the golf players are different handicap players so their best golf irons will be different for the most of them.

It is most important that every iron is built for a specific job to try to be the best golf irons. The spacing between each iron should fit your skill level and give you complete distance coverage from anywhere on the golf course. The ability to adjust irons for each player makes it possible to fit most iron sets to your game.

The best way to know what is going to work best for your swing characteristics and skill level is by testing each club in-hand. Understanding where to begin and what questions to ask is where this guide is most valuable and will try to help you to choose your best golf irons.

Best golf Irons

Srixon Z 765 Irons

The Srixon Z 765 Irons have made Srixon's best iron performance even better. The Z 765 is a muscle cavity preferred by ...
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Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons Set

Experience the ultimate forged performance iron with Apex Pro 16 Irons. Designed with meticulous feedback from Tour ...
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Titleist 716 AP2 Irons

Distance from the low CG better aligned for impact.Forgiveness from the co-forged high density tungsten ...
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Mizuno JPX900 Forged Irons

Built on the foundation of the highly regarded JPX 850 Forged, which was our first integration of Boron, the JPX 900 ...
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Callaway Rogue Pro Irons Set

Reach unprecedented performance levels with Callaway Rogue Pro Irons. A compact head, thin topline, thin sole, shallow ...
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TaylorMade M3 Iron Set

Packed with performance and refined to suit the better player’s eye, M3 irons offer distance, forgiveness, and control ...
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Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 Iron Set

BRIDGESTONE TOUR B JGR HF1 IRON SET The all new TOUR B JGR HF1 irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and distance. ...
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Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Set

Signature shape meets breakthrough performance in the form of Callaway Steelhead XR Irons. Designed to combine the ...
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Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Iron Set

Reliable hybrid construction in every iron helps you flight the ball higher and gives you the confidence to launch it ...
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PING G400 Black Dot Irons

Dial up Tour player-type performance with PING G400 Irons. COR-Eye™ Technology combines with a Toprail Undercut Cavity ...
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When Do You Use an Iron?

golf iron

Irons are used from the tee box, from pristine lies in the fairway, across multiple cuts of rough, and to rescue golfers when they are in hazard or trouble areas to put the golf ball in the hole.

Finding the Best Irons for Your Golf Game

The best set of irons for your golf game will differ based on several factors. Budget, swing dynamics, skill level, material and the way they are made, visual, sound and feel, speed and distance and preferences will dictate a large portion of which iron model you should choose and which model from the list of best golf irons.

irons for the money

How to Hit Golf Irons Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the many options in golf irons, the shapes, set compositions, and material offerings, consumers often have questions. We have provided a few below to help you get started and choose the best golf irons for you.

Q: How long do golf irons last?

A: If properly cared for, irons can last many many years. Irons can often last beyond five seasons of heavy use without any detriments in performance.

Q: Where is the sweet spot on irons?

A: The sweet spot, or center of gravity, on an iron is most often located in the geometric center of gravity of the golf club face.

Q: What are game improvement irons?

A: Game improvement irons feature a little bit of larger club heads designed to give golfers more confidence and help them as their strikes vary across the clubface. These golf iron is usually for beginners with more forgiveness.

Q: How do you clean golf irons?

A: Taking proper care of your set of irons after every round will keep them looking their best and ensure they perform consistently every time you hit the links.

Top 10 Best Value Golf Irons

Srixon Z-765 Irons

Srixon consistently makes golf irons that are highly awarded despite their scarcity in the United States. Srixon irons provide more value than similar golf iron sets from larger-named companies. These forged irons with dg300 steel shafts offer great forgiveness without sacrificing sound and feel.

The Z-765 irons have great price due to the recent release of their newest Z-785 irons. A mid-sized players iron, the Z-765 offers superior shot shaping ability while providing enough help to protect you on your worse swings.

Callaway Apex Pro 16

Replaced by the most awarded set of irons in history, the Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons are still one of the premier best golf irons set on the market along the Callaway Big Bertha.

Players looking for the best performance for their money may find it by opting for the Apex Pro 16’s rather than the newest Apex Pro 19’s. They have 1025 carbon steel head.

Apex Pro 16s feature a players cavity back iron with precision placed tungsten weights for more ball speed and forgiveness. From their 6 iron to 8 iron holes in the back of the head are filled with steel for mid CG (center of gravity).

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Titleist 716 AP2

Still present on the PGA and other WorldWide golfing tours, the Titleist 716 AP2 golf iron sets provide players with everything they need without excess bulk or chunky golf clubs. Great irons for players with different swing speed.

The AP2 irons continue to be Titleist best-selling iron offering and for great reasons. The sleek profile that many golfers prefer with added help away from the sweet spot gives golfers more distance and forgiveness than blade offerings.

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Price history
Price history for Titleist AP2 716 Iron Set 3-PW STIFF Dynamic Gold S300 Golf Pride Tour Wrap MID
Latest updates:
  • $629.10 - September 9, 2021
  • $699.00 - September 1, 2021
  • $629.10 - August 11, 2021
  • $749.00 - May 31, 2021
Since: May 31, 2021
  • Highest Price: $749.00 - May 31, 2021
  • Lowest Price: $629.10 - August 11, 2021

Mizuno JPX900 Forged

Mizuno’s JPX range continues to be celebrated by players and club builders. Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process helps create some of the best feeling and sounding irons in the world.

The JPX 900 Forged iron is the mid-class players iron that helps many golfers find forgiveness without a large profile. Often used by high handicap golfers.

Created based on the JPX profile designed for Brooks Koepka, the JPX range has been Major Championship validated several times and quality irons available on the market.

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Callaway Rogue Pro Irons

Similar to other irons in this list, this irons come with a set of clubs and other accessories. Callaway packs game-improvement forgiveness into a smaller profile to help golfers get the best of both worlds in visual aesthetics and performance. The Rogue Pro irons use urethane microspheres to create a tour-level feel and feedback response. 360 Face Cup set of irons has been introduced to provide explosive ball speed and more forgiveness on off-center strikes with the golf club. Rogue Pro is a distance iron in a players profile for improving launch angle and are part of every complete set and surely you will always hit the hole with your every shot.

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TaylorMade M3 Irons

Reinforced with RIBCOR technology, the M3 irons come from TaylorMade still hold pace in performance with newer release irons. Made less expensive since the release of the M5 and M6 iron sets, the TaylorMade M3 still packs the same distance and forgiveness many players are looking for without the premium price tag, even though you are getting it for a great price.

This perimeter weighted TaylorMade golf back iron helps players achieve more distance through better launch and ball speed conditions with special speed pocket technology. It comes with steel and graphite shafts option to hit the ball better.

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Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 Iron Set

Not often thought of as iron craftsmen, Bridgestone has made headlines with their Tour B JGF HF1. A long name to describe an iron that is packed with technology and performance gains. A thick top line, hollow cavity back club head helps players more distance with a balanced golf ball flight.

These irons are equipped with graphite shaft as well as a pitching wedge but no sand wedge. The right amount of spin and height creates golf shots that can hold green regardless of playing condition or rolling speeds and how you hit the ball with your golf club to increase the MOI (Moment of Inertia) or club forgiveness.

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Callaway Steelhead XR

The Steelhead XR irons are the ultimate distance iron in a player-inspired profile. Complete 360 Face Cup ensures maximum ball speeds across the face of each iron throughout the entire set. Longer blade lengths promote confidence and give you more room to miss standing over your golf shots with your golf club. Bulky but made soft by the infusion of polyurethane layers make the Callaway Steelhead XR surprising to hit. A soft feel coupled with explosive distance can give golfers the performance they have been searching for without sacrificing feel.

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Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Iron Set

The best hybrid set on the market makes the Cleveland Launcher HB set a clear choice for golfers looking for the most help possible in their game and better choice than Launcher CBX iron set. Often overlooked due to their larger club footprints, the Launcher HB irons can help your game in several ways and perform better than Cleveland Launcher CBX aimed at mid to high handicappers that require higher launch. Larger bodies club heads are easier to hit from the fairways, the rough, and from bunkers and hazard areas. The Launcher HB irons are ultra-forgiving and high ball launching. The lightweight graphite shafts will enable you to keep up your swing speed.

PING G400 Black Dot Irons

Ping sacrifices nothing when it comes to performance in each golf club. An engineering team that prides itself in never releasing new equipment unless they can outperform what is currently on the market, Ping releases product not on cycles but rather on innovation. The G400 irons have been replaced by the G410 iron making them a dream for players looking for performance without premium price tags.

What Golf Iron Should You Buy?

Choosing from the hundreds of iron set makeups and individual iron specifications can be overwhelming. Understand what you are looking for in an iron can help simplify the process. Only golf clubs that are better than what you are currently playing should go into your golf bag. Your ideal iron set helps you play better golf even during your worst swings from your golf clubs.

As always, it’s best to try a club out for yourself before making your final decision. Visit your local pro shop or retail fitting locations to work with club fitters that can put the best golf clubs into your hands. Ask questions and understand why some golf clubs perform better than others during your testing. Remember that golf is played outdoors in many different weather conditions so take every shot you will play into consideration when building your set. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our other guides and reviews to fill the rest of your golf bag this season.


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