Best Golf Towels

Golf requires extreme attention to detail and demands a player’s utmost attention. This comes with certain maintenance that most amateur golfers overlook. Cleaning your golf clubs before and after each shot and in between rounds with golf towel have profound effects both in terms of performance and in cost savings. The easiest way to make your golf clubs last longer is to clean them. Remove any dirt and debris that gets struck in the grooves and make sure everything is dry before storing them away.

Clean golf equipment like clubs and golf balls can make an impact in your scores. You will accomplish this with a simple golf towel. So you wont need anything expensive. Even though high quality towels are little bit more expensive they have value that is affordable for every golfer. Keeping them inside or in a climate controlled garage is also a great idea. How you clean your different sizes clubs also matters. While there is no data to support having a specialized towel will help your clubs stay clean more often, having a dedicated golf towel is a great way to remind yourself that you need to be taking care of your equipment at all times. This guide will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying the best golf towel versus just using one of the ones you already have at home.

Best Golf Towels

Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Spotless Swing is the only golf towel that assists golfers in keeping themselves, their clubs, and club grooves clean. ...
Callaway Uptown Golf Towel

Callaway Uptown Golf Towel

Keep your clubs clean during a round of golf with the Callaway® Tri-Fold Golf Towel. The game accessory features a ...
Team Golf Embroidered Golf Towel

Team Golf Embroidered Golf Towel

Show some team spirit while keeping dry on the course with the Team Golf Embroidered Golf Towel. Embroidered with your ...
Stixx Microfiber Golf Towel

Stixx Microfiber Golf Towel

Everyone knows that Clean Clubs = Better Golf! STIXX Tri-folded embroidered towel outperforms other golf towels!!! ...
TaylorMade Microfiber Golf Towel

TaylorMade Microfiber Golf Towel

Since the creation of the first metalwood in 1979, the TaylorMade Golf Company has established a legacy of breaking ...

Wilson Staff Golf Towel

Improve your level of performance with this Wilson Microfiber Golf Towel. It's made of 100-percent microfiber and ...

Under Armour Golf Towel

Keep a towel handy the next time you're out on the course with the Under Armour Golf Towel. Made of 100% cotton for a ...

Gorilla-Gold Grip Enhancer Golf Towel

No matter what you play, if your sport requires a good grip, Gorilla Gold improves your performance. For golfers, it’s ...

Mile High Life Microfiber Golf Towel

Value pack contains microfiber towel, golf brush cleaner and foldable divot tool. Waffle patterned microfiber towel ...

Greens Microfiber Golf Towel

“The Convenient Microfiber Golf Towel” is the perfect gift for every golfer and golf tournament. Ideal size at 16” x ...

Merssyria Microfiber Golf Towel

The Convenient Microfiber Golf Towel” is the perfect gift for every golfer and golf tournament. Ideal size at 16” x 16, ...

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