Bastained Milled Golf Putters Video

As is true with all handcrafted designs, Bastain Milled putters come with a premium price tag. Luckily, this price tag is backed up with some of the most elegant designs and tightest tolerances in the industry. If you order from Bastain Milled, you can have full confidence that once your putter arrives it will be exactly as it is intended and the performance will match. The bolt in hosel system is a feature that pushes the boundaries of putter club fitting and the versatility of a classic club. Enabling players to have more than one putter in a single package will hold immense value when paired with the right knowledge and putting techniques. Bastain Milled putters will align themselves with the most premium putters in the industry and their looks, feel, and performance is unlike anything else available.

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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