Avalon Country Club

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When I first heard about Avalon Country Club, I thought it sounded like your grandfather’s country club.  You know, the pleated pants, yes sir, yes ma’am type of joint. 

Such couldn’t be further from the truth. 

While the staff at Avalon pride themselves on making the experience of everyone memorable, there’s nothing overly ostentatious about this facility.

With that being said, the layout is nothing short of top-notch.  The course encompasses some 166 acres at the base of (you guessed it) the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Again, the views and topography are to die for.  When you play here, you’ll be asked to hit a wide array of shots and think your way around. 

It’s hard to describe just how special this place is.  To find out, you have to come see it for yourself.

Avalon Country Club

Paul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore

Founder of Golfers Authority

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