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The 7 Best Proper Golf Stance Tips that Will Help You Hit The Perfect Shot

 The Golf Stance:  According to many of the most successful golfers—and golf instructors—it is one of the most crucial fundamentals in the game.  Sadly, it is also one of the most overlooked skills, one that when performed incorrectly can have some very serious implications on your ...

How to Swing a Golf Club to Hit the Perfect Shot

If you were to ask ten golfers the question, “How to Swing a Golf Club,” you would probably get 10 different answers.  Unlike tasks in which there is a definitive right or wrong answer, the art of swinging a golf club is a bit more subjective. From the type of stance involved to addressing ...

How to Play Golf: The Ultimate Guide on Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Golf

Golf is a wonderful game, one that combines skill, camaraderie and decorum, all while enjoying the warmth and deep green beauty of the great outdoors. However, if you are a novice golfer, perhaps someone who is just now learning about the game and how to play golf, you may have some questions ...

The Ultimate Guide on the Proper Golf Grip

What is the proper golf grip?  This is a question that has been pondered—and experimented with—since the game’s invention many centuries ago.  And although several grips have been tried (with varying levels of success) throughout this popular sport’s many decades, today these choices ...

The Ultimate Guide to Golf Putters

The putter is one of the hardest clubs in the bag to get right. While major golf club manufacturers steer marketing to their flagship drivers and irons, relatively little information is provided for what putters can help your game the most. It is our goal to create a buying guide that is easy to ...

The Ultimate Guide to Golf Grips

Golfers often overlook the importance of choosing the proper grip for their clubs. The performance of different models, weights, textures, and sizes cannot be overstated. The grip is the only connection to the golf club players have. Grips that are the wrong size or texture prevent golfers from ...

The Ultimate DIY Guide on How to Regrip Your Golf Clubs for Free

Are your once-pristine golf clubs beginning to feel a little worn and shabby? Is the rubber or grips around the clubs beginning to feel loose, tatty, unstable or uncomfortably slick? If so and if this wear and tear is beginning to become a problem when holding or swinging the various clubs in your ...

The 60 Best Golf Quotes of All Time

At Golfers Authority we are here to not only help you with your physical golf game, but your mental golf game too. That is why we wanted to put together our list of the 60 best golf quotes of all time. These quotes are here to inspire you, gain more confidence, or simply just make you laugh. If ...

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Best Fairway Woods for 2019

Top 10 Best Fairway Woods   Top 10 Best Fairway Woods Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood The Callaway Epic Flash fairway wood is our pick for best fairway wood of 2019. The Callaway Epic Flash uses the same wave pattern Flash Face that the Epic Flash driver uses. ...

Best Game Improvement Drivers

One of the largest advantages of modern technology in golf is the addition of game improvement golf clubs that help give players more help with their swings. If you are a player that struggles to hit your golf shots consistently then you may be able to benefit from a more forgiving driver.We golf ...

Best Drivers For Slice

One of the hardest things for amateur golfers to fix is a slice. A slice is a golf shot that curves offline from left to right for right-handed players and right to left for left-handed players. Slices are often problematic for golfers who lack complete control over the face of the golf club, ...

Best Drivers For Seniors

Getting the right driver can mean more yards off the tee, shorter irons and wedges into greens, and lower scores. As players age and swing speed diminish, it becomes more important to get every bit of distance possible out of your equipment. Senior golfers can make the most of their swings by ...

Best Golf Drivers For Distance in 2020

Every golfer can use more distance. Balanced distance off the tee can create shorter irons and wedges into green and much lower scores. The advent of strokes gained is showing players in new ways just how much of an advantage hitting longer, straighter drives can be. Players can make more strides ...

Best Golf Drivers for 2019

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers        Best Golf Drivers for 2019 PING G410 Plus Driver The G400 driver from Ping was one of the most successful and best-selling drivers they have ever produced. G410 Plus looks to expand on that performance and give players ...

Game Improvement Fairway Woods

Improving your game means working on your technique and your golf equipment. Getting a new set of fairway woods can be a great way to help bridge the gap between your irons or hybrids and your driver. Modern fairway woods have become much easy to hit and can help players stay in play off the tee ...

Best Fairway Woods for Seniors

Fairway woods are an under-utilized part of most amateur golfer’s bags. These clubs can be valuable weapons from the tee box or approaching longer golf holes. The right mix or fairway woods, hybrids, and irons can help make golf easier round-after-round. In this guide, we take you through the ...

Best Callaway Drivers for 2020

With the introduction of Jailbreak technology in the Epic driver series, Callaway Golf took over the claim as the number one driver in golf. Callaway continues to spend more money on research and development than any other equipment manufacture and the result is more advanced equipment and easier ...

Best Golf Tees for 2020

You get to use a golf tee 18 times during around. That’s 18 times you get to have a perfect lie and there are no excuses for bad shots. Though we take tees for granted and may use whatever we grab from our bag or is lying on the ground, choosing the best golf tee can help you gain distance off the ...

Best Driver Shafts for 2020

The shaft on a golf driver is the heart and soul of the club. A well-designed shaft can help with swing speed, accuracy, and distance; just as a poorly customized shaft can negatively impact your swing speed and sabotage your overall game. First, the importance and ...

Best Golf Bags of 2020

A golf bag is an important piece of any player’s equipment and game. Having the right bag to carry around is critical for golfers playing at their peak during competition. If you do not play competitively, it may be best for you to have a much different style golf bag to make sure you have ...

Best Putter For Beginners

For golfers just beginning to play the sport, getting the right putter to help them create good patterns is crucial for their long term success on the greens. We have selected putters that make it easy for beginning golfers to hit great putts and build confidence in their developing games. Take a ...

Best Golf Wedges for Beginners for 2020

When beginning the game of golf, choosing great wedges can lead to quicker drops in score and more enjoyment for new golfers. Wedges can be difficult to test due to the unique shots golfers have to hit around the greens and from bunkers. Choosing wedges with the right lofts, bounce and grinds, and ...

Best Sand Wedges for 2020

The most used club in a golfer’s bag is often their sand wedge. Because this club is used for approaching greens from ideal conditions and for chips and pitches once something has gone astray, the need for a properly fit sand wedge is enormous. There is more to choosing which wedge to purchase ...

Best Gap Wedges

Reliable distances gaps between irons and wedges can be crucial in creating a bag that helps golfers shoot their best scores. Recommended yardages gaps are no larger than 15 yards between clubs. For most golfers, this number should be nearer to 12. As modern lofts have gotten stronger, the ...

Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

Are you looking to get more out of your golf game? Are you looking to lower your scores and have more fun when you tee it up? Every golfer is looking to improve, and the best way to do this with your equipment is finding the right golf ball for you. Perhaps you’re looking for more distance, ...

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